Thursday, January 13, 2011

Working in mini and going blind

I started this blog to chart my progress with my daughter's older dollhouse. It is a huge Victorian that she had put together during her teen years and now is a sad former shell of itself. Not much has been done to the house...its been painfully slow progress, and of course I get side tracked so easily. Thanks to Miss Casey over at I found this chart for cross stitching a rug that I think will fit beautifully in the front parlor. Miss Casey so generously details her own creations mixed with adventures of her side kick Miss Tessie (who is a mini witch) Learning has never been so entertaining, and Miss Casey (and Tessie) are so talented, you never know what you will learn from them. So I guess in some sort of way I am still in hopes or restoring the grand old manor to its former grace...if I don't go blind doing these little projects first! This is the first time I have ever worked on 18 count and let me tell you...these poor old eyes are blessed to have the lighted magnifying glass my daughter bought me for my birthday last year. This is now a front burner project along with a little Valentines hearth rug I am making from my own chart. Oh to have one of those programs that charts it for you...well I do have another birthday coming up!!! lol and daughter seems to like buying gifts that will help move along some sort of work in her old house!!! Back to work...big hugs to all


  1. Hi Beth,

    I use to cross stitch many moons ago...but my eye's are too far gone. I had enough problems making a blanket and quilt for my new grand daughter recently!
    Please show us your finished cross stitch rug when completed....and I would love to see the Victorian Doll house too!!
    I always wanted a doll house and still do!!

    Warm Hugs to You,


  2. Wow this is going to be beautiful. Too bad that as we get older our eyes do too.

  3. omg...such tiny work!!! aren't you a wonderful Mother! It looks beautiful! How about a picture of the completed rug in the doll house? I'd love to see it!hugs!!