Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking out my front door

When I got up yesterday morning I spoke with my aunt in West Virginia. She told me of all the snow they had...which is uncommon for her area this time of year. I smugly told her that we only had a ground coating...get up this morning and look what happened since then! The door is in the picture as the snow was preventing it from opening any wider...husband is at work and I know more about brain surgery than a snow blower! If you look closely at the dog kennel across the street you see our problem here...drifting. Living so close to Lake Erie, the wind comes right in off the lake and snow isn't enough for us...we get massive drifts. So to be able to stay indoors today and play...well after I clean and do laundry and put on a kettle of steamy veggie soup, is my idea of heaven. (Hence the long list of UFO's!) Which by the way...someone left a comment yesterday that I should do a Friday thing on UFO's...this is tickling my fancy and I'm kinda liking the idea! I'm no genius and again brain surgery is more my field than making banners to hook up links to others who would like to participate but I love the idea of us showing each other our lil projects that may just need a new set of eyes to spark the interest or over come an issue thats preventing it from becoming a star. I think thats what blogging is about...encouragement in a day where everyone seems so secluded and wrapped up in their own worlds. I know some times all I need is that lil push or words of appreciation to get back in there and get 'er done! Who doesn't need a hug some its a real, full body bear hugger or someone from another part of this vast world reaching out to give you a hug from this screen? For me...I'll take either one! Thank you so all so much the hugs I got yesterday welcoming me back to the blogging world...see...those lil hugs work...I'm back!!!!! Until next time...Big hugs to you all...think I'll hibernate a lil while longer!


  1. No no no hibernating!! makes you lazy and fat!!
    Back to work girl!!

  2. We got some of that stuff here yesterday too. I felt like I was in a snowglobe all day! I loved it because it was light as air and even through we got at least 9 inches, it was a breeze to shovel and brush off the car.

    I'm glad to hear you are ready to tackle those UFOs. I've gotten the urge to do the same thing and actually made up some beaded buttons that I swear I bought the forms for at least 2 years ago. I'm also working on a tiny little beaded doll kit that has got to be at least 4 years old. Feels good. Almost as a good as a cyberhug :)