Thursday, January 20, 2011

A question for you all

Does anyone know of a wood working blog? Like one that would show projects to make out of wood or even how to search for one on here? Any thing that would show simple bird houses or toy boxes? Husband has all kinds of saws that need to be put to use...him not me...I like my fingers...all ten of them!!! Thanks for your help and have an awesome day! Big hugs


  1. ok, miss beth, here's what you do. on your profile where you can add key words to say your interests, type in some that would fit what you are looking for (adding them to your profile, if only temporarily). try things like woodworking, bird houses, making bird houses, toy boxes, etc. then you can go to your profile from your dashboard (view profile) and click on the words you added that are now in blue. they will pull up people with blogs of similar interests. hope this helps!