Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anyone home?

I thought I would have something so clever to say since I have not posted since September. Thinking of all those on-line dating services where you never quite meet the man of the pictures, I could also lie and say what a wonderful 4 month cruise I have been on, or how the ship sank and I was just rescued from a deserted island. Or I could say in my absence so many of my UFO's are finished and I have a gaggle of photos to down load to show you how I so creatively used my time...but it would be all lies!!!!
I got thru Christmas...still have some decorations to take down. I have just plain been lazy...no way around it...L-A-Z-y. Yes the y is little cause lets face it I did keep the house up and the laundry going...all the holiday meals done and shopping on top. So I think I owe myself the small y!!! But now its a new year and I have decided to either get with this blog or let it go...I'm hoping I am interesting enough to keep you here for a while longer so I have opted to keep the blog. I need you all...love hearing from you and seeing whats going on in your world. So I am back, I still have a table full of UFO's and have started more! lol. If you run across a organizational blog for the unfinished projects...please throw the link my way! Hoping you all are still here...I am!


  1. "It's Alive!" Glad to have you back!

  2. Ahhhh so glad you're back!!!!

    So why don't you post about your UFO'S??
    You could post them and ask us for advice on them and we could give you some helpful feedback??

    Actually you could do something like a "UFO Friday's"...lol and we could all participate with our own UFO'S!!

    Warm Hugs and Welcome back!!


  3. yeeeaaaa!!!! beth is back! i've missed seeing your blog. yes, i think you do deserve a small y! love you

  4. Wow, must be an epidemic. I too have been LAZY UNMOTIVATED LETHARGIC - whatever you want to label it. I'm going on the theory that 'this too shall pass' .... eventually!

    Hang in there girlfriend and show us those UFOs - we don't care that they aren't finished!

  5. wondered where you've been1 I am THRILLED to find you back!!!! missed you! Share whatever or just write "hi" !!!we all go through this and understand. I'd love to see what you are "in progress" on!!!! welcome back hug to you!

  6. Yay!Glad you are back Beth! I've wondered what happened to you! Don't even consider closing your blog down!!!