Monday, January 24, 2011

Start, stop, start

Well This is my attempt at a crazy quilt heart shaped pillow. I had so much fun with this I got carried away and made 2. So I am thinking a Valentines gift for dear daughter. The one on the left in the solid red patch for some reason developed a stain from the spray starch. So I think it needs a rinse before I start with the fun part. The only part I wished I had done differently is chose fabrics all the same weight. The white part on bottom left of left one is very light weight, therefore sorta see-thru. It's really no biggie I plan to add a muslin backing before I start embellishing. The seam flipped over though I can see. I can see where this would be an issue if the contrasting material would be showing thru. This broke in my new sewing machine dear husband bought me for Christmas, and while I so want to use one of the 60 built in stitches to embroider is only a practice one so I need to do it myself to learn some of the cool stitches in links my mentor Miss Debbie has sent me....hehe maybe on dear daughters I will try know just to save time so she gets it this Valentines and not Valentines Day of the UFO pile! I am so sure if I looked I have a project for every holiday and/or season! I did find one for Mardi how many of you have a UFO for that occasion??? I am off to plan my stitches, watch the grand baby and enjoy another day God has given me...hope you are too. Big warm hugs to you all.


  1. You have come out of the gate flying! Both of these look great! By the time you embellish and stuff the thinner fabric will not show. If it does....well, that is part of learning. You are doing great! Keep us posted on the embellishing!

  2. Wow! You fabrics look great!! You are going to have a ball!! aaa, errrr, Heart!