Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to my nightmare

this is todays 15 min clean up...I find I am now playing beat the clock with this little exercise. Todays took one 15 min drill with the next one only being 10 to finish up so not bad for 25 mins. Funny thing is I'm not just clearing it off and shoving it some place else...things may start to be getting organized...can it be? I even took time to wipe off the wall heater hubby put out there for me. I am sharing this room with the pantry and dishes. As a matter of fact this cabinet top I cleared off this morning holds the Halloween and Christmas dinnerware and glasses. BUT.... I did not get to the bottom part yet so the Christmas glasses are still in the kitchen, the dishes are on another shelf and Halloween things are still all junked up there too...oh well another day. I am finding this 15 min works in perfectly with all the other household chores I have to do in one day...trust me ...running after a 2 year old..not alot is getting done but the vac sure gets a work out! I think I have wayyy to many hobbies...is that possible and should one ever admit that out loud...or put it out there for all to see? If I have broken a sacred secret...shhhh...just don't tell anyone! I dream of a day when all my beading, clay, cross stitch, quilting, painting, mini, and paper crafting can live harmoniously in one room and everything is at a glance...not hours of tearing out to find one thing that I may or may not have (finding 6 glue guns today was good for a laugh though)Leaving you today with the extra thought of why do we do this to ourselves? If I live to be 125 years old and never from this day forward buy another hobby related thing to do, I still would not use up all I have amassed. Am I greedy...I sure hope not...but I sure plan on giving what I do have a run for its money...after I escape the nightmare it has become! Hope you all have a warm blessed day...sending big hugs from my mess...umm...I mean organized wanna-be home to yours!


  1. I don't think anyone can have too many "hobbies"...it's good to do the things we enjoy,and you have many!! good for you! I,too,would love to ahve a room for just my stuff! My supplies are in the garage,in 2 drawers of an antique buffet,the 2 bottom "cabinets" of my hutch(along with dishes and sups and plates,ets!), in bags in the bedroom and boxes in the hall closet! There are days when I can't find what I want or I think I'm just not "up" to digging for stuff!! Oh well..been this way for a long time,guess I can keep it up longer! Wow...vaccuuming..my 2 yr old grandson leaves such a mess we'd be vaccuuming all day!! thank goodness we have wood floors..he loves to sweep with a little handbroom and dustpan! what he drops,food-wise,one of the dogs eats!
    Have a happy day!!! Ann

  2. Hi Beth,

    I think it's great that your organizing your creative space!! After you are done...which may take a little while to do but I know the outcome will be so rewarding and you will be able to create in harmony knowing where everything is!!
    When your done you can come and help me out!!!

    Love and Hugs,


  3. Too funny! 6 glue guns. When I cleaned out my fridge I found 4 opened jars of pickles - I think they must have been sent home from our family reunion over the summer. I didn't even know they were in there! Needless to say, it took me an entire afternoon to clean out my fridge - so much stuff was in there it was amazing. But I'm doing good with keeping up with not letting it get that way again. Thanks for giving me the incentive to get back into the cleaning mode!