Saturday, January 22, 2011

I really do finish some projects!

I was so disappointed yesterday when I went upstairs to gather the clothing I thought I could use for my weekend project...there was only a flannel gown and a pair of corduroy pants. Well I did get the lace and buttons off the gown and will use it for cleaning rags. The pants I put back in hopes of someday using them or donating them. So in an effort to still keep this project going, I went to my fabric stash and found this quilt I had finished some time ago.
We used to own a camper when our children were small and every weekend we would head out for the camp ground. Only 45 mins away from Cleveland but far enough out to let you know you were out of the city. Right before the turn off to the camp grounds was an Amish village. I loved going thru there on wash day as all the beautiful quilts were lined dried. I think was my "Amish phase" I made this quilt and several Americana wall hangings and I think I even cross stitched our whole family...including the dog and cat in Amish figures. It was fun meeting this old friend...I remember covering with it the first's really afghan size so it was perfect for me. She will be laundered today and put on the quilt rack later. I am off to work on my project now...breakfast is done and I have a pork roast in the crock for some pulled pork bar-b-que sammies later. Hope you all are staying warm and doing your favorite things with your favorite I am gonna stay in's 10 below 0 with our wind shield factor...perfect day to quilt!!! Sending you all big hugs!


  1. Gorgeous Beth- I love finding "old friends" such as that. Dang Food sounds good!--Coming over for sammies-- set an extra plate. :)

  2. Oh eat one of those sammies for me!! Yum!
    Beautiful quilt, what a great old friend to find :)

  3. Sorry to hear your project wasn't going to "materialize" :(

    Chilly weather here too!

  4. that's a really beautiful quilt, beth! i'll bet it's nice and toasty warm. you really should put it out for everyone to see and enjoy. can i come over for dinner??? :) hugs