Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend project, old memories and a new friend

I am determined to do a small project this weekend! I know I have spoken of my momma on here before, she was to me the epitome of southern grace. My mother was the daughter of a preacher that married kinda 25 years old back then almost put her in spinster mode. It was a classic tale of good girl meets bad boy and marries. To this day I cannot hear a song by Waylon Jennings..." Good hearted woman in love with a 2 timing man" and not think of the hardships Mom endured being married to Dad. My mother struggled with weight issues her whole life. She would never have been a svelte model but in my eyes she was the most beautiful lady I have ever met. Her heart was gorgeous, her spirit graceful and her manner was so soft spoken. When mom passed I donated what I thought was all her clothing to a lady that had been on hard times, was over weight and had recently just started a new job and was trying to get her life together after leaving an abusive husband. The other day while on the bead quest..gathering them from all corners of this house...I found a bag of mom's clothing. Not a large bag and I couldn't even look at them. I know they are brand new...something she had ordered from Roman's that didn't fit I am sure. Which brings me to this weekend's project. My dear new friend Miss Debbie from so generously walked me thru the basics of how to get started with a crazy quilt. With her help from her generous spirit and email and links she provided I am going to make a small crazy quilted pillow this weekend using those clothes I had forgotten. I don't even care what they are...and I know the shape will be a heart...something my mom and Miss Debbie know about sharing. So there you have new weekend project..a few of my memories of my dear mother and my new friend...God bless them all. I so admire Miss Debbie for taking the plunge and helping many don't want to take the time or are afraid to share info on how to's. If we do not share our wealth of information for fear of copy right things and what ever else the reason our crafts will end with us. Families used to make sure skills like quilting and embroidery were passed thru the generations. And isn't that what we all are big cyber filled family? Why is it fine to share sympathy or hugs but not enlighten and encourage others in your craft? I, for one have never turned down anyone asking me how to do's rare anyone wants to I would never even consider turning away someone or not helping if I could. I know some have shops that they hope will earn income and think they have the corner on the market of something and to share info would cut profit and maybe they have a point...or maybe their craft will make a profit in this life but who will continue it? Just my opinion...that and a about 3 dollars will get you a cup of coffee. So enjoy your weekend friends...and if you ever get the chance to help...please do...I know I have to...I know too many that already have shared with me and some day it will be my turn to pass it on...and I'm ready! Big warm hugs to you all!


  1. Thank you for mentioning me. I am only too happy to help you and I look forward to what you create with your Mom's clothing. I hope the email was not too long.

  2. I have one of those. It was made by a grandmother when I was a teenager. It still sits on my bed today. Made from a Blanket I loved that fell apart, a dress I had when i was 6 and several of my grandmas as well. I see the fabrics and I can remember days and occasions I saw the dresses being worn etc...How sweet for Miss Deb to help you.

  3. how wonderful! my Mother was from the south also, on the "full" side and bought from Roman"s also!! I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt you make...when you use it it will be like hhaving your Mom hug you! :)

  4. What a great way to spend the weekend! Can't wait to see your progress.

    I totally agree with the sharing of our knowledge!

  5. Couldn't agree more with you, Beth!! Knowledge is for sharing! I don't get asked often, but when I do I try to be helpful and teach others as well. Debbie has a huge heart and it doesn't surprise me at all that she helped you out :) Good luck with your CQ, I'm pretty new at it too but am finding I enjoy it very much!
    Hugs to you! Stacie