Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Even Superman takes a nap

Well.....I have awesome news.......Jackson is fine...there wasn't any reflux at all and outside of him being a little loopy from the medication to sedate him....he is fine. No more to do with this issue...finally! Thank you all sooooo much for your thoughts and well I think I will take a cue from Jackbear and call it a night!!!! I'm not as young as I used to be and going sleepless for one whole night tends to catch up with me quickly. I wish you all a great night or morning and my humble thank you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

think of him

This is my grandson Jack. He thought he was hiding from me by sitting in the window. Jack has saved me in alot of ways. He is my only daughters first born and our only grandson. He is also the only grandchild we have that lives in our state. He is the reason I didn't loose what is left of my mind when I lost my Mother over a year ago. He gave me the will to go on, not to take anything away from the rest of my family...or friends support during that dark time. But knowing you have to look after a baby...their well being is front and foremost. I simply didn't have time to dwell on things with him around. His smile would light up the entire world should it go dark. His hugs and kisses are so sweet and get my heart to melt.
This lovely child has to go thru a horrible test tomorrow. They will put him to sleep and insert a cath and shoot dye to be able to take images on his urine flow. For some reason his urine seeps back up to his kidney after voiding. The reason I am telling you all this? Simply this...please send your healing thoughts, prayers or whatever you practice that this baby of ours is in good hands, has a speedy recovery and please if anything is wrong let it be fixable without too much pain. I know my Momma, Daddy and precious Granny will be watching over him as well...but it never hurts to ask your friends for help.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Late but Early too's my huge secret...I am late for everything. I don't mean to's just a fact that I am. I start out with the best of intentions and somewhere I just loose control of the situation. I swear I think I was a crow in my last life....bright and shiny things distract me easily. It really all started when the kids were little...with 3 little ones underfoot and you may as well count the big kid I am married to...I was always the last to get ready. It always seemed to work out the older 2 kids would get dressed fine but the youngest seemed to want to wear purple and orange and not at Halloween. Then add a husband who is looking thru the dirty clothes asking if he has any me I don't hide the clean clothes from him in the hamper just to throw him off! So by the time we are all ready and presentable to go out the door my OCD kicks in...check lights, iron off, bathtub emptied, dog out, cat know the this time one of the kids have visited the nearest mud puddle or frankly I think they rolled in dirt...ok back in the house to get said kid washed and start again....ut oh bathroom time for the now I have to go to. So you see in my younger formative years they made me late...and I just never got out of the habit. So with that all said and now my shame is out for everyone to know...I present to you my late/early creation. She was too late for Halloween last year and too early for this year...but hey...she's here and shes out! Madame Juju is based on Louisiana folklore..or so she tells me. She is 5 inches high and resides in the dollhouse that I was going to fix for my daughter but looks so cool this time of year all broken down with dust and cobwebby! lol. Enjoy and have an awesome week!