Friday, May 28, 2010

Nasty bugs

I have had such a nasty bug for a bit and I am yet to feel completely human. First grandson got sick with it and then he decided to share with his favorite mam-maw!!! lol. Bless his him... but think I would rather share his half eaten cookies than this. As soon as I can I will be back with more painted ladies to share with you all. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend. Take care!
The image above is my first attempt at beaded embroidery. I think its the inside of my brain...some parts organized, some chaotic. For sure that is me at the bottom hanging on by a This piece is only 3 inches by 2 inches and this may be its one and only appearance in this life time!!! I was really just trying to put down all the stitches to see if I was getting it and this is what happened. Oh I could fancy it up and say its a Tim Burton concept of Alice in Wonderland....yeah right!!! Nope its just a starting place...hopefully it gets better from here cuz I had a blast doing this! Sending you all germ-free hugs!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A beautiful give-away

Isn't this brooch simply gorgeous? The colors are right up my alley and the design is beautiful. All this prettiness could be yours...just pop on over and visit Miss Lisa at http://indigosbeads/
She is so generously having this brooch as her give-away! While your there check out her shops where she sells the most awesome cuffs. Miss Lisa is a very sweet lady that answers all my endless questions promptly and encouragingly. Get to know her and you will see what I see...a very talented and kind hearted spirit, who is so generous with her skills and time. Have a great day all. Tell Lisa hello for me when you visit! Big hugs to all...Beth

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yesterday went to pot.....

I took a small break from my clay to paint these clay pots for my garden. I have a small Sand Cherry tree in the one side of my garden. It's beautiful little pink flowers are so small and delicate and only last for a few fleeting days. Under it the sun dabbles in and out and it's mostly shady so my Hostas thrive there. I painted these pots to give it some pops of color in a few places. I think I will plant some Moss roses in them so I didn't paint anything on the rims. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. For a Mother's Day treat for my Daughter I took a pot and had my Grandson put his hand in some paint and I pressed his little hand all around the pot leaving his little purple handprints. It was a little hard to explain why it looked like he had purple nail polish on without giving up the surprise!!! lol. Hope you all enjoy your has turned chilly here in Cleveland...I had to turn the heat back on...not fun! And it looks like its gonna storm any minute. Oh well I at least know the pots will make me think of warmer days to come when I weather proof them today. Have a good one all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did you ever wonder????

I have always wondered where the moon went after the sun came up. I gave him such wonderful adventures as a child. He went and visited places that I had only heard of or read about in books. Now that I am older I can give him bigger and better fasten your seat belts...we"re gonna go with Mr. Moon today!!!! First after that hard night's work, Mr. Moon would probably like a nice refreshing dip in the ocean. Going to the ocean's bottom and hanging with the fish, swimming in and out of the coral reefs and saying hello to the local mermaids. Coming up to the surface to just float a bit he may look a little like this:

With all the seaweed in his hair, he would just happily bob along the waters edge and ponder new adventures. Looking into the forest at the end of the beach he would long to see the forest and the trees. So shaking his little water logged body he could fly over to the woods and play within the leaves of the trees. In and out of branches and dodging hanging spanish moss he would find his friend The Greenman. Together they would ponder the state of the universe adn where to go from here. They may even share a prayer for silly man-kind and their clueless state of things to come. Always a gracious host the Greenman would reward Mr. Moon with his own leaves to wear for the next visit.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Under the sea continues

This little cab is outside my usual box! It is the perfect companion to the mermaid I made yesterday or is just fine by himself. This happy lil fish boasts a size of almost 2 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inch wide. His little friend the star fish is there and more pale pink pearls. I have had a lot of fun going outside the box but I fear there is a take over being plotted by the painted ladies...I have heard grumblings from their container and it doesn't sound good!!!
Hope you all are having a lovely day.
Also I wanted to thank the new followers for joining, come on in and sit a spell. Thank you all for stopping by and big hugs to all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Under the sea

Today gave me the whole day to play with clay. My husband took our grandson to our local zoo. This cab is a painted lady covered with seaweed with a star fish and a cute little fish swimming by. There are little pale pink pearls scattered around her face and under her. I have more I did today but they are not finished....took time out today to make some molds for myself...the seaweed is really a snowflake that was too big to put on a cab so I cut it apart and thought it looked like seaweed!!! lol. The star fish started its life as a button and the fish was a charm. Well I must go clean up my mess...have a great evening all

Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Early Mothers Day gift to me

I have so admired these mosiacs that Miss Bobbi creates. To surprise me tonight she made me this one. I had to post it this Sunday as I know I will not be able to do it next Sunday... which is Mothers Day. The lovely lady in the center is my own Mother...these are all her greatgrandchildren. Sadly she did not live long enough to meet my newest grandbaby Isabelle, but she knew she was on her way. My oldest granddaughter Elizabeth looks so much like my Mom in her younger years. I can no longer give my Mom a gift on this all important day, so I will do what she had asked me to do for years. I plan to go to a church she wanted to go to and give my soul to the God my mother,her mother and generations of mothers before her in this family so much believed in and served. It's kind of a selfish that will greatly benefit me now and forever. Without this one last gift I know I won't be able to see her or my other family that has left this earthly plane and I can't bear that thought. I also don't want the legacy these great women before me has given to me to perish. I need to be the example my grandbabies look to and will carry on. Thank you Miss Bobbi and thank you Mom for speaking in my ear and telling me this is the right thing to do. Thank you all for coming to read this. This will be also at Miss Mary's Mosiac Monday blog at so stop by and see all the beautiful ones over there!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

And the winner is.......

Bet I got your attention!!!! Today I will announce the winner of my very first give-away. First let me say I am so flattered that anyone entered this give-away...let alone as many that did. Now I told you there was another spin to it...and even gave you a clue...the spin is I made a second set to give to the person that voted. And now without further hesitation ...the winner is....Carol at Congrats Miss Carol. The person that voted for you and will be receiving the second set is Stacie from If both of you would please email me with your snail mail address I will certainly get these out to you. Thank you all so much for stopping by, your lovely comments and most of all for taking time out of your day to spend a moment here with me. I hope you both enjoy your cab sets and can't wait to see what you can do with them! Now I must run as I have a weekend packed with things to do and create!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...big hugs to all