Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did you ever wonder????

I have always wondered where the moon went after the sun came up. I gave him such wonderful adventures as a child. He went and visited places that I had only heard of or read about in books. Now that I am older I can give him bigger and better fasten your seat belts...we"re gonna go with Mr. Moon today!!!! First after that hard night's work, Mr. Moon would probably like a nice refreshing dip in the ocean. Going to the ocean's bottom and hanging with the fish, swimming in and out of the coral reefs and saying hello to the local mermaids. Coming up to the surface to just float a bit he may look a little like this:

With all the seaweed in his hair, he would just happily bob along the waters edge and ponder new adventures. Looking into the forest at the end of the beach he would long to see the forest and the trees. So shaking his little water logged body he could fly over to the woods and play within the leaves of the trees. In and out of branches and dodging hanging spanish moss he would find his friend The Greenman. Together they would ponder the state of the universe adn where to go from here. They may even share a prayer for silly man-kind and their clueless state of things to come. Always a gracious host the Greenman would reward Mr. Moon with his own leaves to wear for the next visit.


  1. Oh Beth, both of these men are wonderful!
    I love the sea cabochons too!
    You have been doing so well with all these cabochons, I just love them all.
    Love and hugs dear one.

  2. Now you're REALLY getting unusual. I like the direction your art is moving to. These moons are just too cool!!


  3. Beth these are so wonderful. I love the first one with the roundness of the face. Great job. Can't wait to get back to beading on one of your art faces.