Friday, February 25, 2011

Long time....

Well this is the progress I have made on my very first attempt at Crazy Quilting...and guess what???? I am hopelessly hooked! All I need to do to this now is to sew the backing and a ribbon for hanging and stuff it. I tried free hand Bleeding Heart flowers on the right side of the stem and just put pearls on the flower in mind on that side. I tried a few new stitches I taught myself using the websites I found and outside of being painfully new at it I am proud of this.

I am currently working on some more Painted Lady for a trade from my special friend Miss Lisa, who sent me 2 of the most beautiful bracelets she made for our swap. Thats my beauties in the other picture up there...I know my picture taking skills do not do them right...I was so excited I wore them both all day yesterday with my finest cleaning scrubbie clothes! Also I bought a pretty good sized tote of necklaces from my sister-in-law that I can either re purpose or make other things from so I have been super duper busy of late. Today we had another bad storm hit but now the sun is shining and hopefully all this will melt soon...snow if so beautiful and makes our city look so clean and peaceful...but I am over being cold and needing to take a loan out to pay the high heating bills while I freeze! Wonder where global heating is taken place because it's sure not Cleveland Ohio!

I have one more detail on my crazy life...I am ready to take the plunge again and move...I am hoping to do so next spring but knowing I am down sizing has me giving everything a second look for yard sale possibilities. I think I have mentioned before I moved my 30 odd year accumulation of junk...I mean treasured items into a house that my Mom had her stuff and my has been interesting but the neighborhood is getting so bad here and I simply do not like the city anymore so we are looking at manufactured homes in a 55 and older community. Not sure this is where I will land but that's the flight pattern for now. Do any of you have any experience in either a manufactured home or a 55 and better community? I would love to hear from you! Other than that I need to get busy going through things that have been packed for well over 20 years and still have time for family, watching the baby and most importantly growing in my crafts! Until next time...big hugs and stay warm all!