Monday, July 25, 2011

The BIG news

For the first time in the history of my family all the girls are pregnant at the same time! My daughter and 2 daughter-in-loves are each welcoming a bundle of joy to their families. They are all due within weeks of each other which is going to make me a busy Mammaw come next year.
I made this tutu from a youtube video I found for one of the grand daughters already here. I know 2 of them will be finding out the sex of their child in mid August and early September. Not sure if the other one is going to find out or be surprised...either way I have been looking at videos for rag quilts and looking at baby material! It's a happy time here for sure. Hope all is right in your world and big hugs to you all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July

I am seriously thinking about doing the craft show circut this fall. And with that in mind I thought how cute this idea was when I seen it on someone else's sorry I don't remember whose...memory is a horrible thing to loose. I am still going strong with the flat spiral bracelets but started some earrings last night. It is too funny to watch me with my youtube video, 2 needles and beads at this small computer desk trying to learn RAW!!! You know it's bad when you laugh at yourself!
We are currently involved in a heat wave here in Ohio...think most of the country is feeling it too, so it kinda nice to turn the air on and make Christmas things. Try and keep cool out there and as always ...big hugs to all

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello again

Wow I seriously need to start posting more! May was the last time I posted? Seriously...May? I love summer but this one has been crazy! Busy time but good times. First off we are going to be having 2 new grandbabies next year...both daughter and daughter-in-love are expecting new bundles of gramma kissables in January and in February (hoping one is on my birthday! lol)
My next bit of news is so awesome! I won a $500.00 shopping spree at !!! If you have not shopped right now and check them out! They have this awesome contest open still and they have the BEST customer service! I get my orders so quickly from them and I love their quality. It was such hard work to spend that much...but I did it! So now I am off to teach myself some more stitches! Hope you all are having an awesome summer! Oh and by the way...the picture above only shows half my spending!!! lol Big hugs to all!