Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July

I am seriously thinking about doing the craft show circut this fall. And with that in mind I thought how cute this idea was when I seen it on someone else's sorry I don't remember whose...memory is a horrible thing to loose. I am still going strong with the flat spiral bracelets but started some earrings last night. It is too funny to watch me with my youtube video, 2 needles and beads at this small computer desk trying to learn RAW!!! You know it's bad when you laugh at yourself!
We are currently involved in a heat wave here in Ohio...think most of the country is feeling it too, so it kinda nice to turn the air on and make Christmas things. Try and keep cool out there and as always ...big hugs to all

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  1. Actually it is a good thing to laugh at your self. LOL I know I complain about the cold dark weather on the OR coast when you and so many others are in a heat wave. Try to stay cool.