Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My privacy invaded

First let me apologize to those of you that may have gotten an email from looked like me...but was in fact a pharmacy ad. Some how this beast invaded my computer generating almost 125 emails to my contact list to the letter "d". I am so virus ware did not detect it, nor did my firewalls prevent it. I contacted the pharmacy that was doing it and of course they argued with me that it was impossible, they didn't spam, maybe another company was doing it to ruin their reputation and the best was they were tired of dealing with me. I am still in awe that they would have the nerve to say that last part. So to those of you that got multiple emails from me yesterday ...i so apologize. I am waiting for the fraud dept. of my server to open so i can lodge a complaint. I have taken every measure being offered to me to prevent this from happening again. Funny...we rearely see tha bad side of this new information highway...til one of us are sideswiped. Thank you all for listening/reading this's not over....i plan to really get nasty if no help is offered from the fraud dept. Hope you all are having a better day than me!!!! lol

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Spring in my kitchen

Yes the weather outside may tell a differant story...cold and looking like rain but on my kitchen table...spring has sprung with these daffy ladies. A long time ago, my friend Miss Bobbi from kept telling me she had to go feed her pets on the computer...I kept thinking she was paying wayyy tooo much for buying food for her pets on the internet but said nothing..for a while. Finally it came out that it was a game she was playing and I joined and was hooked! We played this silly game til the weeeee hours of the morning, we formed a guild with other people playing and thus the Golden Daffodil Guild was born. We now have friends in Canada, England, Netherlands and all over the U.S. Those of you that know Miss Bobbi know of her illness and wayyy back in September the other daffies (as we now call ourselves) and I decided to have a greeting card go to each daffy and to other friends we have met along the way. This poor card just this last week finally made it home here to me, but the memories and love it will show her is impossible to measure. So in honor of my fellow daffies...and are a few of the daffy cabochons I have been working on. We will finally meet a few of our daffy sisters this May and Miss Bobbi has graciously offered to bead around these and we shall present them to all our daffies this year. I didn't try to paint them according to a person...they are each differant as we are all differant...but that one lil daffodil shows our sisterhood. I also think Bobbi and I have agreed these will be pins instead of necklaces. Miss Bobbi and I also have a big announcement maybe next week...gotta give ya time to get over the jelly-bean overload I am sure we all will be experiancing this weekend!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great buys and ironing

Look at my pretties that came from Miss Cathy at

For some reason I can't link...nut behind the wheel I suppose. I ordered these shelves and liners for my mini house...whenever I get up and start building it. Thank you Miss Cathy....your service was fast, the items are beautiful and I am a happy mini camper! Any order you give to Miss Cathy in the month of March enters your name for a chance to win the cute little green shelf below in my give-aways section of this blog. She makes the cutest cookies, candies and cakes...and the mini peeps are just tooo cute! So please visit The Fabulous Farmhouse if you need mini things...just ask Miss Cathy if she can make it...shes a great person to work with.

Those flowers I made about a year ago...I am so happy they held up...poor things went thru a move and ended up in the bottom of a garbage bag with my serger on top of it....Needless to say I did not get professional movers! Take my help is not always the best help! When I seen my beloved grandmothers chest of drawers go down 12 carpeted steps those young men were in serious trouble. My granny must have rode it all the way down those steps because it stopped just short of going out the door to 4 concrete stairs. The chest survived...the young men lived to tell this story...I did not go to jail for harming them and thats why I am here to tell the story...body harm did come to my mind though!
I got alot of real life painting done today. My grandson has been on vacation with Mom and Dad this whole week so I have had to fill in some time. I was ironing (does anyone do that anymore?) some crocheted doilies to put back on the shelves I painted and thought of how easy I have it. I was ironing, washing a load of white clothes, listening to the radio waiting for the window sill paint to dry. I thought of my I so often do when ironing. Bless her heart..she loved putting out a pretty line of laundry. That was status back then. If you could correctly hang and have the brightest whites on that clothesline you were the Martha Stewart of that time. How those clothes stayed clean is a mystery to me as she lived in a coal camp with coal dust floating thru the air. Her clothes were washed in a wringer washer and rinsed in tubs filled with the magical bluing to make the whites whiter. When she moved to the big house I remember most how she hauled that laundry up about 15 concrete stairs built into the hillside and hung clothes up there on the hill managing not to step on a snake! I so miss my mountains of back home. I don't think any state is more precious than West Virginia to me. Maybe those beautiful mountains store my memories for me, maybe those green mountains are me and I am them...for whatever reason today as I ironed a tear slipped past my eyes. Realizing how easy I have it and how hard my precious granny had it...for one moment in time we were as one...ironing. Here's hoping you can have the joy of spending that one moment in time with you missed loved ones.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More painted ladies

Here is today's haul...they said it was ok to go ahead and take their picture even though they are not finished yet...they only need gloss but I guess as long as the eye liner and lipstick is on they are ok for a photo shoot. The one with the question marks I do have plans will see in coming days (tease tease) I am learning loads of things as I go along here..for example...I took apart a watch that wasn't th ewind up kind and guess what??? Cardboard gears!!!! No wonder these watches don't last long anymore...I had an old wind-up kind and hit pay dirt with it...all kinds of lil goodies inside. The flapper girl (top left) has an actual feather on her head, and my attempt at a bride one (lower right) has crocheted lace with a gold filled do-dad on her head. Yes do-dad is a tech term I also have learned...when you don't know what it is it's a do-dad! See we all learned today! Not to be left out is another leaf masked one...just a lil differant this time and I kinda like her...shhh...don't let the others hear...good thing they don't have ears! Well I am off to figure out how to do some other things on here...I have awards and I have been they think I know how to do these things!!!! It will take another half hour on the phone with Miss Bobbi for me to figure it out...but someday I will! Have a wonderful evening...sending you all warm thoughts and prayers of healing for my sickly friends.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Daffodils and turtles

Here's a sample of todays work..turtle and daffodils. I honestly tried making a cane, pushing it into a mold and then layering green clay on top. It looked like I made a cane, mushed it in and layered good clay after I got angry yelling to the sky for no apparent reason other than being frustrated "why can I not make a cane???" Of course there was no the mushed clay got threw in the mold anyways...and now I like it!!! It has veins of gold running thru it and its perfect turtle colors...which is what Miss Bobbi wanted to begin with. The daffodils are another story. Bobbi and I belong to an elite group spanning the States and Europe. Doesn't that sound fancy? Truth be known we met others playing an online game and all became close of which we will be meeting in May. Our little group is called The Golden Daffodils. So in honor of our friend visiting and our group, I got up this morning to tackle the daffodil..thank you Miss Bobbi for the picture of daffies...sure did make life easy for me to make these. Of course there were, I think last count 15 or 17 more faces made but, since the painted ladies are not dressed yet they refuse to pose for pictures...the one with the daffodils only held still cause her identity was hidden...picky lil things they have become! You would think someone thats only an inch and 3/4 long and an inch wide would not be so sassy with a 5 foot five painter...but they do have their I must protect it. I got all the household things out of the way today so I could just paint tomorrow...Hoping to have some to show for you tomorrow night. Have a great evening and I hope to see you here...same time, same channel!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

all the pretty ladies in a row

And here they more to gloss and one more to paint but these are done

For the love of cross stitch

I recently renewed my love of cross stitch...mostly in part of my envy for all the beautiful cross stitched pillows over at Rebecca's and because of Casey and her gorgeous rugs for her doll houses. I made this rug for my cousin's birthday. It fits just right in front of the mini fireplace. I am currently doing another rug that Casey so generously put the chart up is her design so this rug will remain in my home..if I ever get it built!!! I am not so patiently waiting for the painted ladies I painted this morning to dry...sorry no pictures til everyone is dressed in their Sunday finest. I have ended up with 8 of these lil gems and I don't know who I like the most...guess it's not fair to pick. Husband is doing long needed repairs inthe front hall ceiling so I guess i will still be painting next week...only big walls instead of my beloved small ones! Off to clean husbands mess and try to get dinner done..anything to resist making another painted lady! They have become so addicting...I am thinking of new ones to make all the time. I think they have taken if they would just sprout legs and arms and help clean!!! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The painted ladies

Miss Bobbi insisted I could do this, Miss Marie inspired me to do this, it's a really bad picture of this but..... here are Miss Bobbi's painted ladies cabochons. I so admit these are my first attempts at clay cabochons. These are not completed yet...hopefully later on tonight..for now its almost pizza time. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend...after pizza it's back to the clay mines for me!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The little Easter scene

This is still a work in progress. I found the lil bunnies in my mothers kitchen window and they begged me to give them a home. The back and ground are made from my stash of foamboard ( Thank you Miss Margaret) covered with egg carton. (each piece was hand cut, glued and painted) I almost hate to admit that the grass is shredded wheat cereal which I painted and will varnish hoping to preserve it. The butterflies are punched from purple cardstock left over from another project with glitter added to edges. Cost of project =$0.00,
giving a home to my mom's bunnies = priceless.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is probably the only known picture in the world of Miss Bobbi and I. My daughter will certainly have a fit seeing her image here...with her big hair!!! I can still remember our first meeting...our sons were fighting! We have seen each other thru alot of storms and good times. Our Saturday crafting time, divorces, growing children then grandkids, moves, and sadly the loss of both our mothers. Time has changed our has made us sisters. That and she's the only person that I can make Dr. Pepper come thru her nose and will still talk to me! Bobbi's mother was a talented beader, something that at the time Bobbi didn't take much notice of. One whole afternoon we sat at my kitchen table, I read the directions and we made a beaded Christmas ornament cover. Her first beaded anything. I am honored for having this person in my life and more honored for that day. Miss Bobbi is now a very talented beader in her own right. She laughs at my silly jokes, she cries with me and probably understands me better than my husband. We have grown together in the years past and hopefully we will be 2 old ladies in a nursing home together, racing our wheelchairs down the corridors...getting into trouble...something we have always been good at! So heres to more late night conversations, more births, more trouble, but most of all...more loving memories for me and my sister.

Long time see

Wow...I started this back in October of many changes...only not here! So I will try harder to come here and let you see into my mini world. For now...I am just trying to finish some loose ends so that I can get this together.