Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More painted ladies

Here is today's haul...they said it was ok to go ahead and take their picture even though they are not finished yet...they only need gloss but I guess as long as the eye liner and lipstick is on they are ok for a photo shoot. The one with the question marks I do have plans for...you will see in coming days (tease tease) I am learning loads of things as I go along here..for example...I took apart a watch that wasn't th ewind up kind and guess what??? Cardboard gears!!!! No wonder these watches don't last long anymore...I had an old wind-up kind and hit pay dirt with it...all kinds of lil goodies inside. The flapper girl (top left) has an actual feather on her head, and my attempt at a bride one (lower right) has crocheted lace with a gold filled do-dad on her head. Yes do-dad is a tech term I also have learned...when you don't know what it is it's a do-dad! See we all learned today! Not to be left out is another leaf masked one...just a lil differant this time and I kinda like her...shhh...don't let the others hear...good thing they don't have ears! Well I am off to figure out how to do some other things on here...I have awards and I have been tagged...lol they think I know how to do these things!!!! It will take another half hour on the phone with Miss Bobbi for me to figure it out...but someday I will! Have a wonderful evening...sending you all warm thoughts and prayers of healing for my sickly friends.


  1. just gorgeous! lol...i'm glad i'm not the only one who uses the technical term doodad! i have a whole bag full of them. :)

    you are VERY talented. are you going to get an etsy shop?

  2. Love, love, love the Flapper and the Bride Sis! Wowww...very awesome, I can't wait to see them in person! I hope that you have a good rest of your evening. Talk to you in the morning.
    Hugs and much love...

  3. Ohhhhhhh I love the steam punk lady, the leaf lady, and the.... Oh heck I love them all. I am so excited that my order is in. Hey everyone be sure to place your orders NOW!!! These beauties will not last long.


  4. Miss Lisa...we are planning a big announcement on how to get these ladies in a few days...hang in there...you can always email me if you see something...opps someone you like. (the painted ladies get sassy about being called a thing!!!)Miss Bobbi...I think you love them all and that you are a cabochon junkie sweetie!!! lol I don't think there is much help for that problem...so just go for it!! Miss Nicole...I cannot tell you how excited I am about your order...I am still doing my happy dance! All I can say to all of you is a huge thank you...without each and every one of you here the ladies would only be a thought running in my head...planted by Miss Bobbi!!! lol I so appreciate the compliments. big hugs to you all

  5. Thanks Beth. You know that one thing feeds another and you try something else as you go.
    So as I play more comes about!
    It is my process of creativity and I believe we may have similar approaches to that.
    Sometimes pursuing an idea I may end up with 50-100 pieces.
    Look at how many ladies you already have!!!
    Love and hugs my sweet.