Saturday, March 20, 2010

The painted ladies

Miss Bobbi insisted I could do this, Miss Marie inspired me to do this, it's a really bad picture of this but..... here are Miss Bobbi's painted ladies cabochons. I so admit these are my first attempts at clay cabochons. These are not completed yet...hopefully later on tonight..for now its almost pizza time. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend...after pizza it's back to the clay mines for me!!!


  1. Well I just love these. I collect faces. I especially like the double face on the bottom of the photo. If this is your first attempt. Brava!!!


  2. I applaud you Beth, these are fantastic! I love them all! See...I knew you could do this! I don't know which is my most favorite one yet, I'd have to say that it's between the beautiful Flower Face Purple Lady (you know that's my favorite color) or The Queen of Hearts Lady.
    Although I love them all and your idea of Mother and Child just blows me out of the water Sis...great idea!
    Your work with clay and your miniatures are just so awesome and so life like. Then when you paint I see the Artist in you coming to life again. You could always paint so well! I've always loved all your pieces that you make and these are just perfect! Way to go Sis! Now I can't wait till I get them and bead something with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My Sis is a genius!
    I'll talk to you later on.
    Hugs and much love...

  3. They are lovely! Great job for a first attempt, Bobbi is very lucky.

  4. Thank you all so very much! Your kind comments mean so much...I get to that point where I am unsure of my own work so its so nice to hear they are not backside ugly!! lol. I so appreciate your words of encouragement and am so happy to report I am hooked on these and am making more!!!

  5. Beth these look fantastic!! Well done you. You can also make your own cabachon mold with a glass cabachon and make the mold out of clay! Use a spray of water to release the clay.

  6. Aww Marie...thank you so much sweetie! I lucked out at the local craft store tonight...I was able to get a resin mold and 2 push molds for $1.50 each. I really want to try the resin ones too...but gonna wait to take that stinky stuff outside! lol Big hugs to you