Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great buys and ironing

Look at my pretties that came from Miss Cathy at

For some reason I can't link...nut behind the wheel I suppose. I ordered these shelves and liners for my mini house...whenever I get up and start building it. Thank you Miss Cathy....your service was fast, the items are beautiful and I am a happy mini camper! Any order you give to Miss Cathy in the month of March enters your name for a chance to win the cute little green shelf below in my give-aways section of this blog. She makes the cutest cookies, candies and cakes...and the mini peeps are just tooo cute! So please visit The Fabulous Farmhouse if you need mini things...just ask Miss Cathy if she can make it...shes a great person to work with.

Those flowers I made about a year ago...I am so happy they held up...poor things went thru a move and ended up in the bottom of a garbage bag with my serger on top of it....Needless to say I did not get professional movers! Take my help is not always the best help! When I seen my beloved grandmothers chest of drawers go down 12 carpeted steps those young men were in serious trouble. My granny must have rode it all the way down those steps because it stopped just short of going out the door to 4 concrete stairs. The chest survived...the young men lived to tell this story...I did not go to jail for harming them and thats why I am here to tell the story...body harm did come to my mind though!
I got alot of real life painting done today. My grandson has been on vacation with Mom and Dad this whole week so I have had to fill in some time. I was ironing (does anyone do that anymore?) some crocheted doilies to put back on the shelves I painted and thought of how easy I have it. I was ironing, washing a load of white clothes, listening to the radio waiting for the window sill paint to dry. I thought of my I so often do when ironing. Bless her heart..she loved putting out a pretty line of laundry. That was status back then. If you could correctly hang and have the brightest whites on that clothesline you were the Martha Stewart of that time. How those clothes stayed clean is a mystery to me as she lived in a coal camp with coal dust floating thru the air. Her clothes were washed in a wringer washer and rinsed in tubs filled with the magical bluing to make the whites whiter. When she moved to the big house I remember most how she hauled that laundry up about 15 concrete stairs built into the hillside and hung clothes up there on the hill managing not to step on a snake! I so miss my mountains of back home. I don't think any state is more precious than West Virginia to me. Maybe those beautiful mountains store my memories for me, maybe those green mountains are me and I am them...for whatever reason today as I ironed a tear slipped past my eyes. Realizing how easy I have it and how hard my precious granny had it...for one moment in time we were as one...ironing. Here's hoping you can have the joy of spending that one moment in time with you missed loved ones.

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