Sunday, March 21, 2010

For the love of cross stitch

I recently renewed my love of cross stitch...mostly in part of my envy for all the beautiful cross stitched pillows over at Rebecca's and because of Casey and her gorgeous rugs for her doll houses. I made this rug for my cousin's birthday. It fits just right in front of the mini fireplace. I am currently doing another rug that Casey so generously put the chart up is her design so this rug will remain in my home..if I ever get it built!!! I am not so patiently waiting for the painted ladies I painted this morning to dry...sorry no pictures til everyone is dressed in their Sunday finest. I have ended up with 8 of these lil gems and I don't know who I like the most...guess it's not fair to pick. Husband is doing long needed repairs inthe front hall ceiling so I guess i will still be painting next week...only big walls instead of my beloved small ones! Off to clean husbands mess and try to get dinner done..anything to resist making another painted lady! They have become so addicting...I am thinking of new ones to make all the time. I think they have taken if they would just sprout legs and arms and help clean!!! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.


  1. Hi Sis, this rug is so nice! I'll bet it'll look great in your doll house when you get it set up!

  2. This is truly beautiful!!!