Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Yes we are hopping over here tonight. I have been ill for a couple days and treating poor husband who was sick as well. I am feeling better today so the food making must commence! The cupcakes are baked, the potatoes are cooked for potato salad, the eggs are going for deviled eggs, the pickled eggs are still pickling! lol. Tomorrow is my first Easter without my Mother...and since we moved into her home last July, this is the first Easter dinner that has been cooked in this house for 20 years. Mom always came to my house and ate. Or while my Granny was still alive we would all be in West Virginia for Easter. So many things have changed, but, as with the promise we are all given, spring renews. I will focus on the children that are here, grandson and be greatful for what I do have...not what I don't. I will say a silent prayer to my elders and visit with them in my memories in the morning...then I will see my precious grandson look for hidden eggs in our back yard, watch him get chocolate all over his new clothes, I will look around my Dining room table and see my husband...happy to be fed, my grown babies fight over the deviled eggs, talk to the children that can't be here and granddaughters that live out of state and think of what a blessed person I really am. From our home to yours...Happy Easter...happy memories and give thanks we are still here.


  1. happy easter to you, beth. i hope your day tomorrow is filled with much happiness!

  2. Hi, I hope that you and Mike are doing better and that you's have a wonderful Easter tomorrow! Hey...I want some of those pickled eggs so don't eat them all, save some for me to! My love to everyone, Happy Easter!
    Hugs and much Love...

  3. Happy Easter Beth.
    I am fine, just a little shook up, LOL!!
    I am so used to them after living here all of my life.
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are feeling better!!
    Love and hugs.