Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leaf beads

Not sure if I like these or not...the little ones are loosing their shape or something...the bigger ones are ok...just not sure about these...what do you think? The bigger ones are almost a 1/2 inch long ...smaller ones are almost 1/4 inch. Hmmmmmm...maybe back to the drawing board on these.. lol


  1. i think i like the bigger ones a little bit better, but only because the little ones are more difficult and it's your first time out of the gate with them. i think they would look awesome in beading. i'd have to touch them and feel them to see how fragile they are to see if i'd be able to use them in things like cuffs, but for bead embroidery artwork, they would probably work out great. maybe send me one or two so i can see/touch when you send me my magnificent cabs? have a wonderful night!

  2. Hi Beth I just posted a blog about my beautiful faces you sent to me. Thank you so much. The leaves are great. Bigger is better here. Lovely detail as always.

  3. Hi Beth, thank you so much for trying to make these! They turned out so nice. I do believe though that I like the bigger ones better. But these came out very nice!
    Love and hugs...

  4. they are fabulous!! came by via Nicole's glad i did! signed on to are a very talented artist! we have the same blog background...excellent choice!!