Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tonight I honor my family

Tonight I will leave my porch lights on in honor and memory of the fallen miners in yesterdays tragedy in West Virginia. Last count was 25 perished, 21 injured and 4 still lost. Both of my Grandfathers were miners as well as my Father for short time and all of my uncles on both sides and many many cousins. It's a shame to me in this day and time men must go into a black pit of hell just to earn a living and not know if they will come home. Some of our family has lost their lives in the mines and only by the grace of God many more didn't. There were other injuries that lasted long after the mines. One Grandfather had all 8 fingers cut off both of his hands by a coal car whose line had broke. He used to tell us a bear ate them off...even without those fingers that he complained in later years ached...he gave the best hugs. He past away years later...mostly of black lung. I can remember being a little girl and having water ready for my uncles to wash up in when they came home...their faces so black with coal dust you almost didnt know who they were. Coal miners are a special breed...and their families need your prayers at this time. To those who lost their lives yesterday, to those who have lost their lives before...and to those who will go back in there...we love you, we so respect you and above all we pray for you.


  1. Hi Beth, how very sad this all is! May our lord bless all that have perished, that are injured and that haven't been found yet and their family and friends.
    Yesterday I was never so happy to talk to my son, Daniel. He still works in the Coal Mines in West Virgina. He actually lives very close to where that happened and works in the next Coal Mine down. But right now he's working above ground since his third Coal Mining accident! A few months ago he almost lost his life and his partner perished. Danny still is going to rehab for his arms, shoulders and back. When I had seen Daniel's pictures from his Coal Mining accident he wasn't even recognizable to us, his family! My other sons were afraid to tell me when it first happened because I was in the hospital with my kidneys. He's still not the same after his accident and will always have the horrible memories of finding his good friend and partner, Charlie. God Bless you Charlie!
    I'm sorry, I can't even talk any more about this without being all torn up over it! It brings back way to many bad memories for me with Danny.
    Very touching post...
    Hugs and love...

  2. Beth I am with you in your honoring today. I will keep a candle going. I lived in a town with silver mining and the injuries and deaths are appalling. Prayers you way.

  3. Beautiful tribute Beth. I feel so bad for all their families!

    Thanks Beth, I needed a spring sruce up!!
    Glad you like it.

    Have a great day!