Saturday, April 10, 2010

A fairy tale cab

Once upon a time in a land far away, Prince Jordon was out on a traditional fox hunt. Suddenly his horse bucked and ran for the woods with the poor prince startled but hanging on for life. Running thru the woods the horse became more agitated by the branches from the trees poking and scratching he ran faster deeper into the woods. Suddenly running upon a coiled snake, the horse reared back and thru the prince from his stead. Prince Jordon only remembered falling...when he hit his head on a boulder...blackness became his world. The hunting party searched the woods for trace of Prince Jordon could be found, so they made the long trek back to notify the King. A paupers son named Cordon happened across the limp body of the prince and took him home. Inside their hapless shack, the pauper family cared and nursed Prince Jordon back to health ...but he still had no memory of who he was. He only knew every time he looked at Cordon...he felt he was looking into a mirror. Cordon told him the story of how he was found in a basket by his family, but they knew he came from royalty from the blankets he was swaddled in were of pure silk. Upon hearing this story...Prince Jordon immediately remembered his past. After a heart felt good bye the Prince set off on the journey to return home...hoping to gain more information from his father the king...could this paupers son be his twin? How would he have gotten there and why? After many hours ride the Prince came to the kingdom gates...all were so happy to see him. Immediate plans for a party to celebrate Prince Jordon's return began. Forced to tell his son the truth the King admitted he did in fact sire 2 boys. Only wanting to give his kingdom to one he sacrificed and left the other babe on the doorsteps of paupers that were told in town to have no money but desired to have a child. The king felt his plan answered everything. The prince insisted Cordon be allowed back to his rightful place but the King refused. He knew nothing of this young man and being raised by paupers felt Cordon was beneath him and his plan once exposed to the kingdom would ruin him. The Prince decided he had to leave then and there. He would return to the pauper shack and let Cordon return to the kingdom in his place. He felt sure they could pull it off. As plans for the masquerade party came this gave Prince Jordon the perfect ruse for his brother to enter the kingdom. As night fell, Prince Jordon's costume arrived. Prince Jordon took the mask and cloak and slipped out and rode back to the shack. After telling his incredible story to Cordon, he told of his plan. Cordon reluctantly agreed and dressed in the cloak and mask rode back to the kingdom. Neither boy could have anticipated what lengths the King would go to to keep the kingdom from going to Jordon. The king had hired minions to go to the shack and kill all. After the deed was done they would return and let the king know. The party was in full hilt when the Prince came in. Cordon marveled at tables of any kind of food to be thought of. Beautiful girls bowing to him and flirting openly. The opulence of everything was over whelming. The smells intoxicating. He allowed himself to eat things he had never tasted and drink of wines he had never partaken. Then dance with all the lovely ladies of the smell their perfumes and touch their silky hair became too much. Cordon felt he must let the King know who he was and return to his life...this kind of excess was not for him. He waited as the king seemed to be in serious conversation with a group of men. Upon gaining the Kings attention he removed his mask and introduced his self to the king. The king stood in utter shock...he grabbed the mask from Cordon hand and wept openly into it...the king had just been informed by his group that all had perished in a fire at a paupers shack...killing his beloved Jordon. As he wept his tears of anguish he told Cordon of his horrible deed. Cordon grabbed the mask, fled the castle and rode to the rock that Prince Jordon had hit his head on. He lovingly placed the mask on the rock...and cried tears of a loss he didn't know he could feel. He shrieked to the moon and stars how unfair it had all been and slowly began his way to the burned out shack. Who knows if it was the moon or the stars or some Deity that heard his pain...but Cordons tears anchored the mask to the rock. That's all the search parties that were enlisted by the King could find of Cordon...just a mask on a one ever heard from Cordon again. The rock was brought back to the King...all wondering why it could not be removed. The rock with the mask was what was found in the kings bed the next day...he could not live with the pain he had caused and had ended his life. May I now present to you...the mask on the rock. ( sorry this story just had to be told!!! lol)


  1. Wowwwwwwww I loved your fairy tale and this mask is incredible...I loveeeeeeeee this cab!!! Woohooooo way to go on all these cabs that you've been making but this one is my favorite of them all!!!
    Hugs and much love...

  2. I take horrible pictures!!! This cab wanted its story i only did what it asked. thank you for your kind words...big hugs

  3. Well done Beth! Well done.
    Have a great week.
    Love and hugs.

  4. Wow!! What a tragic story!!
    I just found your blog on Facebook and wanted to come and say hello!
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