Sunday, April 11, 2010

The masked ladies

I know I am too late for Mardi Gras, but thanks to the inspiration of Miss Lisa of here are my newest masked ladies. I owe Miss Bobbi of for all the viewing of late night pictures to keep me focused! Both of these ladies have really inspired me to take up beaded embroidery...I think first I should read up and have found a great book from Miss Nicole at now to order it and get started! Mean while I still have a doll house begging to be built...2 of them as a matter of fact! Pillows I want to make and the list goes on and many "want to do" so little time. I honestly think if i started right now to finish all my ufo's and never wanted to learn or do anything else...I would still have to live to be 1234 yrs old to finish them all...ok maybe I exagerated ...a little...999 yrs old seems more realistic!!!
For now I must go clean up my mess...i don't think one more thing can be added to my kitchen table...can't wait for it to warm up so i can get my craft room done...right now it's in the deep freeze part of the house...or as it is more commonly known here...fridge #3. Hope you all have an awesome week. Before I go I do want to thank Miss Marie of for the pep talk yesterday...really needed it at the time it came...ok so I knew I would get most of you that have given me an award...since I don't have that many followers...I would only be giving it back to you all...thank you all for the awards and when I can remember to get Miss Bobbi to show me how I will add them!!! lol Big hugs to you all


  1. you know i'm a huge fan of yours...your masked ladies are pretty dang awesome!

  2. Way to go Sis...awesome masks Sweetie!!! I love them all, you did a outstanding job on all of them! Love, love, loveeeeeeeee them!!!
    Anytime you want for me to tell you or show you how to do that I'd be more then happy to.
    Very nice post Beth, talk to you later!
    Hugs and much love to you...

  3. thank you so much Miss Lisa and Miss Bobbi! these were so much fun to make...even if i did get side tracked a couple times! lol

  4. Wow! Your ladies continually amaze me. How on earth do you get such fantastic detail on those tiny little faces? I love them all but especially the 3rd one in.

  5. ahhh thank you Sarah...the third one almost didn't happen...but i am glad i got side tracked with her! i guess working with miniature things helped in the making of these...they are kinda small! lol. have a great day

  6. Son preciosas!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  7. Wowowowow your faces just keep on getting better and better. I am so anxious to get mine. Maybe they will be here today. Big smiles and a giggle.

  8. Wow, wow, wow,fantastic!!!
    Thanks Beth, I do love tangents when I have time for them, lol!! Sometimes I can spend so much time tangenting that I don't do the piece I started with, LOL!!
    Keep doing what you are doing Beth it is awesome!
    Have a great week.

  9. found you via Nicole at beadwright -- what gorgeous faces.