Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Momma

The picture there is of my Mother. This will be my first Mothers Day without her. As a family we have been through alot of firsts this year. Every holiday since last July when she past has been a first. My grandson Jackson took his first steps this year. My first serious go at this blogging thing. The first time I ever made a cabochon and later this spring will also be my first attempt at beaded embroidery. I even made my first sale ....if you don't count the part time job I had one time selling newspaper subscriptions...no wait...I didn't sell any of those!!! So it is in the spirit of these firsts, the generousity I have been shown and taught by this lovely lady i call Momma that this year for Mothers Day I hope to gift one of you....more to come later.


  1. Sis, What a beautiful woman your mother was Beth, inside and out! I just love her so much and miss her. I know that she'd be very proud of you and your new adventure in cabs and how Jackson has grown into such a wonderful lil boy, the the new baby and gosh, she would be so proud of everyone!
    Hugs and much love...

  2. she must have been some kind of special lady, reading what you wrote and what bobbi wrote. big hugs.

  3. thank you miss bobbi. miss lisa...i wished everyone could have met her just once...you would fall in love if you had...she was a hard act to follow

  4. What a gorgeous woman your mother is. Remember that she is always with you. She watches over you and loves you, it just feels different to you now.
    I am hugging your hurting heart.

  5. I know this only too well, as this will be the second for me. The pangs haven't gone away yet, but that is okay, it just makes me remember how much we loved each other even more. For a believer, it is only a brief separation and they definately got the better end of the deal right now. God Bless you!