Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another first....A Give-Away

Winner will receive all you see
face cab is 1 & 1/4 inch wide, 1 & 3/4 inch long.
square cabs are 1/2 inch square
oval cabs are 5/8 inch long and 1/2 inch wide.
Give-Away rules:
You have from today until midnight April 30 to enter.
The twist is you must email me WHO YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE WIN THIS.
Yep...tell me who you would like to see win this collection and remember this: every good deed you do comes back to you . Send your submissions to Beth26729@aol.com. Winner will be announced May 1. Good luck!

My Momma

The picture there is of my Mother. This will be my first Mothers Day without her. As a family we have been through alot of firsts this year. Every holiday since last July when she past has been a first. My grandson Jackson took his first steps this year. My first serious go at this blogging thing. The first time I ever made a cabochon and later this spring will also be my first attempt at beaded embroidery. I even made my first sale ....if you don't count the part time job I had one time selling newspaper subscriptions...no wait...I didn't sell any of those!!! So it is in the spirit of these firsts, the generousity I have been shown and taught by this lovely lady i call Momma that this year for Mothers Day I hope to gift one of you....more to come later.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The sunshine of her youth cab

This is the last cab of the day...she needed a place of honor. Her face shows her lines of wisdom, her eyes still bright with hope and her head holds her memories of the sunshine of her youth.

Today's Cabs

Todays cabs were a lot of fun. The flower power one (far left) reminds me of my youth, complete with peace signs and flower painting. The leaf lady (far right) is my flip on the old saying " you can't see the forest for the trees" This young lady can't see the forest for the leaves...lol get it??? The one in the center just shows what the moon would look like if it were "the lady in the moon" I will now take my quirky humor back to my table...there was one lady that was shy today...she is trying to get it together...shes an older lady and had many problems with the youthful ones chattering away. I hope to have her done a little later. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I would like to welcome all the new followers..come on in, kick your shoes off and stay a while!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Dream Rose Cab

This is my dream rose cab....the ladies have taken a short vacation and are allowing other work to take place...they will be back this weekend...they promised! lol. I have to admit...I am so envious of all the pretty and pink and very girlie blogs. I lurke in them as often as I can. I love all the beautiful things they do, way they think...the whole deal. This rose cab is about as far as I will get with the shabby-chic sweetness around here. I come from a long line of "manly-men" and think it has rubbed off on me. I am more comfortable in my jeans or sweats than a nice dress. I still love my pearls and wear them as often as I can. One time I brought all my "pinkness" to the living room....with a husband and 3 teenage boys it did not go over well. I took alot of kidding and promptly went back to the blues, beiges and colors that hide dirt from football gear or spilled drinks. So this cab is me dreaming of being one of the pink loving girlie-girls. Now back to my lurking! lol

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leaf beads

Not sure if I like these or not...the little ones are loosing their shape or something...the bigger ones are ok...just not sure about these...what do you think? The bigger ones are almost a 1/2 inch long ...smaller ones are almost 1/4 inch. Hmmmmmm...maybe back to the drawing board on these.. lol

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new tangent

For some reason I could not get these out of my head...so here they are...not my normal painted ladies but, a cabochon none the less. These are thin and light weight...maybe a scant 1/4 inch depth to them. They are 1- 3/4 inch long and 1-1/4 inch wide. These were a nice distraction from the ladies...but now they are calling from their box begging to be the next on parade! Sorry if the pictures are blurry...I can't take a good picture to save me. Hope you all have a wonderful evening...big hugs to all

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The masked ladies

I know I am too late for Mardi Gras, but thanks to the inspiration of Miss Lisa of http://indigobeads.blogspot.com here are my newest masked ladies. I owe Miss Bobbi of http://bobbianncook.blogspot.com/ for all the viewing of late night pictures to keep me focused! Both of these ladies have really inspired me to take up beaded embroidery...I think first I should read up and have found a great book from Miss Nicole at http://beadwright.blogspot.com/ now to order it and get started! Mean while I still have a doll house begging to be built...2 of them as a matter of fact! Pillows I want to make and the list goes on and on...so many "want to do" so little time. I honestly think if i started right now to finish all my ufo's and never wanted to learn or do anything else...I would still have to live to be 1234 yrs old to finish them all...ok maybe I exagerated ...a little...999 yrs old seems more realistic!!!
For now I must go clean up my mess...i don't think one more thing can be added to my kitchen table...can't wait for it to warm up so i can get my craft room done...right now it's in the deep freeze part of the house...or as it is more commonly known here...fridge #3. Hope you all have an awesome week. Before I go I do want to thank Miss Marie of http://mariesegal.blogspot.com/ for the pep talk yesterday...really needed it at the time it came...ok so I knew I would get most of you that have given me an award...since I don't have that many followers...I would only be giving it back to you all...thank you all for the awards and when I can remember to get Miss Bobbi to show me how I will add them!!! lol Big hugs to you all

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A fairy tale cab

Once upon a time in a land far away, Prince Jordon was out on a traditional fox hunt. Suddenly his horse bucked and ran for the woods with the poor prince startled but hanging on for life. Running thru the woods the horse became more agitated by the branches from the trees poking and scratching him....so he ran faster deeper into the woods. Suddenly running upon a coiled snake, the horse reared back and thru the prince from his stead. Prince Jordon only remembered falling...when he hit his head on a boulder...blackness became his world. The hunting party searched the woods for hours...no trace of Prince Jordon could be found, so they made the long trek back to notify the King. A paupers son named Cordon happened across the limp body of the prince and took him home. Inside their hapless shack, the pauper family cared and nursed Prince Jordon back to health ...but he still had no memory of who he was. He only knew every time he looked at Cordon...he felt he was looking into a mirror. Cordon told him the story of how he was found in a basket by his family, but they knew he came from royalty from the blankets he was swaddled in were of pure silk. Upon hearing this story...Prince Jordon immediately remembered his past. After a heart felt good bye the Prince set off on the journey to return home...hoping to gain more information from his father the king...could this paupers son be his twin? How would he have gotten there and why? After many hours ride the Prince came to the kingdom gates...all were so happy to see him. Immediate plans for a party to celebrate Prince Jordon's return began. Forced to tell his son the truth the King admitted he did in fact sire 2 boys. Only wanting to give his kingdom to one he sacrificed and left the other babe on the doorsteps of paupers that were told in town to have no money but desired to have a child. The king felt his plan answered everything. The prince insisted Cordon be allowed back to his rightful place but the King refused. He knew nothing of this young man and being raised by paupers felt Cordon was beneath him and his plan once exposed to the kingdom would ruin him. The Prince decided he had to leave then and there. He would return to the pauper shack and let Cordon return to the kingdom in his place. He felt sure they could pull it off. As plans for the masquerade party came this gave Prince Jordon the perfect ruse for his brother to enter the kingdom. As night fell, Prince Jordon's costume arrived. Prince Jordon took the mask and cloak and slipped out and rode back to the shack. After telling his incredible story to Cordon, he told of his plan. Cordon reluctantly agreed and dressed in the cloak and mask rode back to the kingdom. Neither boy could have anticipated what lengths the King would go to to keep the kingdom from going to Jordon. The king had hired minions to go to the shack and kill all. After the deed was done they would return and let the king know. The party was in full hilt when the Prince came in. Cordon marveled at tables of any kind of food to be thought of. Beautiful girls bowing to him and flirting openly. The opulence of everything was over whelming. The smells intoxicating. He allowed himself to eat things he had never tasted and drink of wines he had never partaken. Then dance with all the lovely ladies of the kingdom...to smell their perfumes and touch their silky hair became too much. Cordon felt he must let the King know who he was and return to his life...this kind of excess was not for him. He waited as the king seemed to be in serious conversation with a group of men. Upon gaining the Kings attention he removed his mask and introduced his self to the king. The king stood in utter shock...he grabbed the mask from Cordon hand and wept openly into it...the king had just been informed by his group that all had perished in a fire at a paupers shack...killing his beloved Jordon. As he wept his tears of anguish he told Cordon of his horrible deed. Cordon grabbed the mask, fled the castle and rode to the rock that Prince Jordon had hit his head on. He lovingly placed the mask on the rock...and cried tears of a loss he didn't know he could feel. He shrieked to the moon and stars how unfair it had all been and slowly began his way to the burned out shack. Who knows if it was the moon or the stars or some Deity that heard his pain...but Cordons tears anchored the mask to the rock. That's all the search parties that were enlisted by the King could find of Cordon...just a mask on a rock...no one ever heard from Cordon again. The rock was brought back to the King...all wondering why it could not be removed. The rock with the mask was what was found in the kings bed the next day...he could not live with the pain he had caused and had ended his life. May I now present to you...the mask on the rock. ( sorry this story just had to be told!!! lol)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tonight I honor my family

Tonight I will leave my porch lights on in honor and memory of the fallen miners in yesterdays tragedy in West Virginia. Last count was 25 perished, 21 injured and 4 still lost. Both of my Grandfathers were miners as well as my Father for short time and all of my uncles on both sides and many many cousins. It's a shame to me in this day and time men must go into a black pit of hell just to earn a living and not know if they will come home. Some of our family has lost their lives in the mines and only by the grace of God many more didn't. There were other injuries that lasted long after the mines. One Grandfather had all 8 fingers cut off both of his hands by a coal car whose line had broke. He used to tell us a bear ate them off...even without those fingers that he complained in later years ached...he gave the best hugs. He past away years later...mostly of black lung. I can remember being a little girl and having water ready for my uncles to wash up in when they came home...their faces so black with coal dust you almost didnt know who they were. Coal miners are a special breed...and their families need your prayers at this time. To those who lost their lives yesterday, to those who have lost their lives before...and to those who will go back in there...we love you, we so respect you and above all we pray for you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Yes we are hopping over here tonight. I have been ill for a couple days and treating poor husband who was sick as well. I am feeling better today so the food making must commence! The cupcakes are baked, the potatoes are cooked for potato salad, the eggs are going for deviled eggs, the pickled eggs are still pickling! lol. Tomorrow is my first Easter without my Mother...and since we moved into her home last July, this is the first Easter dinner that has been cooked in this house for 20 years. Mom always came to my house and ate. Or while my Granny was still alive we would all be in West Virginia for Easter. So many things have changed, but, as with the promise we are all given, spring renews. I will focus on the children that are here, grandson and be greatful for what I do have...not what I don't. I will say a silent prayer to my elders and visit with them in my memories in the morning...then I will see my precious grandson look for hidden eggs in our back yard, watch him get chocolate all over his new clothes, I will look around my Dining room table and see my husband...happy to be fed, my grown babies fight over the deviled eggs, talk to the children that can't be here and granddaughters that live out of state and think of what a blessed person I really am. From our home to yours...Happy Easter...happy memories and give thanks we are still here.