Wednesday, April 20, 2011

new things

Yep....number 7 grandbaby is here. Miss Aryelle Faye came into our family on April 14. She is shown here with her big sister Miss Belle. I can't wait to meet her in person...this is the thing that hurts the most when your kids live so far away...watching your babies grow up in pictures. My son now has 4 daughters...some days I feel sorry for him...he's so out numbered! He and my daughter-in-law touched our hearts so much..they named this baby with my Grandmothers middle name.

On other news...I am still trying to learn a differant stitch...I have 2 in mind so maybe I can catch up with my quoata of a new stitch a month for the new far I'm not winning this race, but, on the other hand...I may be ahead if you count that I know how to string, have done 2 needle RAW once (with good results) and at one time designed 5 differant beaded collars for Christmas ornaments. I am working my way up to peyote so I can bead around one of my own cabs!!! lol I think this last bracelet shown here is my favorite...maybe it's the toggle...but it just seemed to fly right together. Why is it you have to fight with some to get them done and others are just done so easily? I have fought so hard with a purple one..which is a shock...I normally love anything purple...then to find I can't finish it until I get a silver colored toggle only adds to the frustration with it. I wonder why this happens? I am trying so hard to build up a bracelet stash for a later craft show and am still fighting with how to set it up. A 6 foot table becomes a monster to fill when you have 2 inch cabs!!! lol. I am thinking of setting the table up as a vanity...I have a bracelet tree, a necklace tree and thought a cute little Easter tree I bought would look cute for the earrings to hang off of. I have 4 wooden jewelry boxes that I can take the drawers and open them to reveal the cabs hiding in...oh I just don't know...any ideas out there??? I think my kitchen table is 6 foot so maybe I should do a few trial runs on it and let you all vote!!! That means I better go make some cabs...or this sale will be only bracelets!!! Have a great day everyone!


  1. My best advice is find a color for your backdrop and carry that color through out. Create different levels for viewing. Get things up off the table so your customers are not bending over. The easter tree sounds great to get things up and off the table. I always study how booths with a lot of activity have their items displayed.

  2. Oh What a cutie! Belle is a Fabulous Big sister! I am thinking you should just set up a few table at home..You'll figure it out as you go-- Go to a show or two just to look at the tables that appeal to you most and how they are set up...Levels are a Key factor.
    You'll do well..If you don't think you have enough product-- Buddy up with a friend..Go halves with the fees etc..Its a good way to ease your way into it!

  3. what a Kodak Moment!!! Darling photo of 2 beautiful babies!!! congratulations to all!!!

  4. First the new baby is adorable. I know what you mean with kids living far away. I live on the West Coast my kids on the East. Second I have been seeing your beautiful faces everywhere. So glad people are finding you. Third.... if you need help with beading around your face cabs. Email me. It is not as difficult as you may think.