Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May need to build an ark

I think we just past our 400thmillionbizillionquadrillion day of rain! I always wondered what Washington state weather was like...we always heard it rains everyday there....I now know...and don't like it!!! Here in Ohio we do have seasons...spring, summer, fall and winter. Now some may only last a few days and some may last long after they are suppost to be gone (winter usually is guilty of hanging on wayy after the party is over) but I think we must add a new season. RAIN. We have it during every season so we may as well give it the due! I think the new line up would go soemthing like this....Rain, spring, rain, summer,rain, fall, rain winter, rain. Not sure the kids would get time out for it like spring and summer but they may as well...with the colds associated with getting wet and cold they loose school time. The Flu-season could be changed to the Flu/rain season. Can you tell I am just a little over the rain??? lol ok then enuf said...on to other news.

I have just about flat spiraled my way out of bracelets. I keep saying I am going to learn a new stitch...and I honestly have! Then it doesn't look right so I tear it out and go right back to this stitch....knowing it won't disappoint me. What surprised me more after looking at the bracelets is that I normally work with only blue and purple. If I am looking to buy beads...straight to the blues and purples. Fabric...the same and most of all my clothing! Surprise...not a blue or purple bracelet to be found in the bunch! lol I do have a light lavendar one that still needs it's toggle...but thats it!

I still have more seed beads than any normal person ought to and am ever seeking the simple pattern for those.

My other news is coming soon and in it's honor I am thinking we must do a give-away. But that news is a bit off yet...hehe...how mean is that? Hoping you all are not floating away like us...have an awesome week...big hugs from our waterlogged home to yours!


  1. When you set sail, please come by and pick me up! The basement sump pump has run all day!

  2. Sending hot,dry weather your way!!! get your antiperspirant out..you'll need it!!LOL
    your bracelets are to die for!! this is a beautiful stitch pattern..so lacey and really showcases the beauty of the beads!! hugs!

  3. LOL!! Now see you have a misconception of Washington State...The east side does not get much rain--Its the Seattle side of the mountains that gets the rain..This side, Once we get through the rainy part of April , we are usually Sunshine and dry! Today-- Beautiful blue skies,,,not a cloud in sight! You are on a Flat spiral roll woman! Beautiful!