Friday, April 1, 2011


My newest calorie chocolate bunnies...not sure we would want to eat these poly clay creations...but I just had to make them! I became interested when I seen a fellow blogger have them in her home. And as all things I see I think I can make...I spent a couple restless nights trying to figure it out. Who knew the answer was candy molds! Go figure...I didn't put 2+2 together til about the third sleeples night! These are the baked version and heres what I did with them. They now sit on my fireplace ready for the Easter Bunny to bring his goodies...hopefully some reall chocolate bunnies for me! lol.

I got to work on some cabs and made a custom order for a very nice lady. I hope she likes them when she gets them. My grandson caught a nasty bug and I have been trying so hard to fight it day I feel human and the next is another story. I really don't like colds and such as they most often turn to bronchitis on me...and trust me it's no fun going somewhere and going into a huge coughing fit! So far so good...just tired alot lately. I could not believe we had 4 inches of snow Tuesday over the snow...where is my summer??? Well I am off to try and force myself into cleaning the house...I think I will do the 15 min method...I clean for 15 and rest for 30! lol Hope you all have a wonderful creative weekend! Big hugs


  1. That is how I clean house! Clean for 15 mess up for 30....somehow I never get much done!

  2. Hey come clean mine too would ya? LOL I have Mike but he just doesn't do it as good as I would like. Men... I love the bunnies.
    Thinking of you

  3. your bunnies are darling!
    take care of yourself...i had a nasty cold/virus/bug that lasted 3 weeks!! I too usually get bronchitis with these..and I know how you feel about the coughing attacks!!!