Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some times you really need lemons

Yep...some times you really need lemons to make lemonaid. I couldn't wait for my items from Artbeads to come in, I wanted to learn the flat spiral stitch. Here's what I know went wrong, my tiger eye beads were not the right size. So to compenstate, I used less seed beads. I started making a bracelet and it started going all I decided to make a ring!!! lol. Actually when you have it's interesting... that's me being kind to myself. The good news is I have no issues ripping it apart. The bad news is...I'm forced to wait for shipment from Artbeads to try this again.

The family has been fighting a nasty bug...don't know if it's flu or cold and they don't much care what the name is...they have been miserable. Thankfully I have not caught it hoping I won't. It's been a tight race to see who the real 2 year old around here is but thankfully husband is on the road again and kids have the weekend to rest.

I am thinking of entering my first craft show and need to get busy with everything that fell behind this past week. Not sure what I am getting myself into with this craft show...they advertise they are not a garden variety type show...they are edgy, on the fringe and Asian and tatoo inspired. Ok I know I'm getting older but I cannot wrap my mind around all those things!!! lol. I know one thing...this poor ring won't see that table!!! Have an awesome weekend all...and may you all have all the lemons you need for your lemonaid! Big Hugs


  1. I think your ring looks fabulous. I tell my students that there is really no mistakes in art and beading. It just becomes a new design. I would NOT rip this out.
    Sorry to hear of the sickness hope everyone is feeling better. Your faces are edgy for any show. Go for it!

  2. Looks like a "lemonade" ring to me. I like it!

  3. One thing I have learned from all the craft shows I have attended...The item that you think is the ugliest or "unsaleworthy" is often the first to sell! I'd hold onto it as is!