Monday, March 7, 2011


Life gets in the's my life....what has happened to my life... life is what happens when you make plans...and so many more quotes on life. From spinning out of control to One single word denotes and evokes so many ideas and feelings. It is often used as an excuse...which is what my post is about today. Right now I think I fall under the category of " life is what happens when you make plans" so many things planned for this past weekend and now I can honestly say I need a weekend to get over my weekend!
My ETSY plans got shelved for one but only for a few days. No me more time to get organized and create more things. But none the less disappointing that it didn't get done. Then a huge free favor for a friend put Saturday in whirlwind of things. She needed a Sponge bob blanket for her 3 yr old birthday. I super hate disappointing kids so 3 hours later Nate had his blanket done...not my best work but my best work under pressure! lol At least she didn't ask me to make the cake!
Sunday of course is catch up day on cooking, cleaning and I really should have gone to church but by the time I got done with everything and dinner done it was wayyy past time to go.
I so need a time management skills coach. My 15 minute cleaning routine is down the drain and today I am just so disgusted that nothing got done I am a party pooper! Such is life! lol Oh well tomorrow holds the promise of a new day and new adventures so I am off to plot it out secretly so no one knows what's in store...maybe then life won't pass me by!!!! Big hugs to you all


  1. t h i n k . c a l m i n g . t h o u g h t s . ;)

  2. everything happens at once,doesn't it! I can sit for days,then it hits the fan all at once!!

  3. Hey at least you have a life right?? LOL
    Take a deep breathe and you are right tomorrow is a new day.