Sunday, March 13, 2011

A couple UFO's

I have had this experiment in my brain for some time now. I happened across some glitter that is so fine grain and irredesent that I could not pass it up. Then it sat on the shelf for who knows how long! lol. I also purchased some translucent clay and wondered how to go about making a cab that looked marbled with it. So I combined both to make this cab. I am not too pleased with the painting but i love the marbled effect and the glitter stayed glitzy after the clear coat so experiment was a huge success as far as I was concerned! The bugs in my head that come up with these crazy things are now happy! Shhh as to not wake them...who am I kidding they are on the forty yard line coming up with more for me to do I know! I was so proud of myself yesterday...I got so much done and did this and got another ufo completed as well.

The bugs are steady working on another idea but that I will reveil in time...lets just say it involves all of you! Scarey isn't it? I promise this idea won't hurt as much as my dental experiance.

I finally finished my first attempt at crazy quilting and I am hooked but other things are pressing me more. My mental list has grown so much I now have a hand written list to back it up...but there is some satisfaction in checking things off as I get them done. Well I am off to see what the bugs and I can get into today. Have a blessed Sunday. And as always sending you all huge hugs.


  1. She is beautiful Beth--I love working with translucent clay--the pillow looks awesome. Great Job!!

  2. Hi Sis,Wow...very beautiful! I really love the cab, she's awesome and looks like she needs a new home. Mines always available for any of the girls. lol
    My goodness your crazy patch quilted heart pillow came out wonderful! I just love the bleeding hearts on it and I know a special lady that's going to adore it! Very nicely done Sis!

  3. What a great job you did on the CQ heart!!!! I knew you could do it!

  4. I love this face. I think it turned out fabulously!!! I can see the marbling perfectly. Great effect. As for the crazy quilting..... where the heck do you find time and with a painful tooth to boot. I hope you are feeling better.