Saturday, March 12, 2011

A blueberry morning

Well...where to start....when we last seen our heroine she was complaining on life getting in the way...little did she know bigger and worse things were to come! Funny how pain that starts in the night feels so much worse...maybe it's our sub-fear of all terrible things happen in the darken corners or maybe it's just knowing there are hours to feel this way til the doctor is even up. That helpless feeling that knocks you down and tramples you into bits begging for mercy from any source. Yes this big baby had a toothache! Mind you I have had 4 pretty good sized babies...all natural, a couple of surgeries..nothing major but this toothache brought me to my knees! How can 1 itty-bitty tooth cause so much stinkin pain? And in so many different places...Lord even my eyelashes hurt! But that could not compare to the feeling of utter shock when I got my dental bill! Having no insurance in this country is the pits! In looking for any dentist that would see me on such short notice, with no insurance and no primary care dentist is like finding the needle in the haystack. But, I did happen upon one. I was loving life that the first exam and x-rays were free...yes I did say free. So off I and my painful tooth on a cold rainy day to see the man who if he is giving me a freebie can't possibly charge too much for what I want done....the doctor was very nice and the x-rays went without too much pain. He and I agreed on a course of action but I needed antibiotics before he would start. He then tells me to go see the office manager to discuss the financial details. Still feeling confident I strolled into this office and sat before a young man that had organized bunches of papers before him. Now I have bought a home and new car in my time and I swear there was more paper work this time than those times! Young man tells me there are 2 courses of actions to be taken and this stack is for having extractions being put to sleep (always my favorite) and this stack is for just the Novocaine. I never knew what "sticker shock" was til I looked down and I am not ashamed to tell you that one price was $11,000.00 and the other was $9,000.00. All I could say to this young man was "guess what I'm not being buried with" He of course was insulted..that I would not just jump for joy at those prices and give him praise beyond the heavens for saving me!!! Needless to say I walked out with my antibiotic prescription and did not look back...not even for a moment! So I have spent the rest of the week in pain and taking these pills that make me know once their gone I'm really gonna have to go back to square one and find a dentist. But for today...I am pain-free!!! AND hungry!!!! All my errands and big plans for the week were shot down by 1 lil tooth and now its catch up chores galore and I am going to get that ETSY shop this weekend no matter what!!!!! lol To start this day off right...I baked a small batch of blueberry muffins...all is right in my world munching on their golden there you have it...warts and week in the darken corner of pain. Hoping your week was so much better!!!


  1. Hey darlin' thanks for your loving note. I am in the same boat as you with no dental insurance. The dentists don't want to just pull a bad tooth any more cause they get more money with the "other" plan of action. I know loosing a tooth isn't great either, but like you said no insurance in American and you are pretty much in that boat with out a paddle. That's saying it the nice way.
    Wish there was something I could do for you.


  2. beth, can you pull just the tooth that is infected for now and worry about the rest at a more comfortable pace? i'm sorry your tooth was such a bitch!!!