Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm such a biggie girl now!

Can you believe it...I finally have an Artfire account!!! and as soon as I can figure this all out I will give you a direct link to it but for now if you want to visit...look me up...BellesandbeausCrafts. I feel so grown up now!
Also while on facebook tonight I learned I won a give away from a lady I so admire. Talk about doin a happy dance!!!! 3 cute silver wrapped bunnies that are photo holders. If you get a chance go visit my new friend, She has awesome ideas for little money to decorate your home.
So as you can see this was a big day for me and now I must bid you good night! Big hugs to you all


  1. that's weird. my comment didn't show up. ok, i guess i'll do it again. be careful, miss beth. there is no "d" in bellesanbeausCrafts. your link is:

  2. Awesome Beth!! Will watch you as you progress on there...Thanks for the link Lisa!! Beth, I shared your store on my facebook page...

  3. Congrats Beth! Just placed my order for Miss Attic Annie :)

    I'll be sure to post about her when she arrives on my doorstep!

  4. YES!!!-- You've already had a sale-- Have a few friends that are wanting some cabs Beth--They will contact you through your store..