Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't miss him......much

I wanted a second post to follow up about loosing my buddy Max. I wanted it to be light-hearted and thankful for all your comments and support. I wanted to dry your all's tears and comfort all of you that have lost pets and then I read Miss Lori's story. All the tears I thought I wouldn't shed came pouring out. You see, Miss Lori WAS attacked by a pitbull. She went thru the scare and the pain and surgeries from the attack. You may think you know the outcome of this story...that Miss Lori is now a huge protester in owning pitbulls...but NO...this loving soul comforted has things that will never be the way it was and she is comforting me? How do you thank a person such as this? What do you say? Why is it that I can post something like this on here and gain the support and loving comments that family members can't give me? And what on earth do you say to a person that has been thru that kind of trauma and is telling her story so that there is no hard feelings but maybe a better insight to this breed? A simple thank you for sharing seems so inadequate. I keep telling myself I don't miss him...that he is better off...he's not suffering anymore...the usual things you tell yourself to keep the pain at bay. I don't miss him...well when I went to give him a treat last night and suddenly remembered he's not there I did. Or at the grocery store when I seen his brand of dog food I did, or at feed time or water time I did. Or when Jack went to the back yard this morning and Max didn't say his usual good morning to him I did. I did a good job at keeping it together until that happened...poor Jack...he's only gonna be 2 years old next month and when he seen me crying he came over and gave me the biggest hug and wiped my tears. Babies and dogs...thank goodness we have such things in our lives. And thank goodness for gentle forgiving souls such as Miss Lori. Max changed me in some ways by being in my life for 14 years...but you all have changed it in other ways...hopefully for longer than the next 14 years. So to all of us that have lost a pet...a friend of the furry kind...those that have been needlessly hurt by one...let us rejoice that such creatures exist to make our lives more enjoyable...and pray for those who don't know how to treat them to get the love and loyalty we are all so blessed to know. For those who didn't see Miss Lori's's a link to it What a lady...what a talent and now my friend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A friend.....gone

Today I learned I had lost a friend of 14 years. He had shared my home, my family and several meals with us. He came to us on a rainy stormy day...the same day our oldest granddaughter was born 14 years ago. When we found him he was sick so we nursed him back to health and he became a member of the family. He was funny, cuddly and gave the best kisses. He was always friendly to our cats and never harmed a person that I know of. (even when the police maced him last year while chasing a robber thru our yard) The last few years his health has declined and even though he was deaf and blind I still loved him. Good-bye dear Max...people can say what they will about pit bull dogs...I have been blessed to have known 2 of the best in the world...sadly they are both gone. I will not get another pit to replace these....the laws and inner breeding do make them to difficult to have now. Pity...I have never known such loyalty, comapanionship and like I said the best kissers! Rest now my friend...your journey here is in your fields now and think of me once in a while as I will you. I love you friend.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The wedding that almost wasn't

This is the happy couple....afterwards. We had to travel what should have been a 3 hour turned into a 6 hour drive with the Mother of the Groom late.......reallllllly late. Needless to say the flower basket I worked so hard on was for nothing as I got there so late my grand daughter had to use another one. I was suppost to light my part of the unity candle...oppps that didn't happen either. We had to sneak in and sit at the back as to not interupt the ceremony which was well under way. But we got there...then off to the reception...where I became ill and had to leave early. (heat and humidity do not mix well with a strobe light on a disco ball for me...don't ask!!!) The motel we stayed in I am sure is ran by Norman Bates..or his mother...and trust me I did a real good check for bed bugs! So we left early the next morning to come home. I have to admit this is the MOST horrible trip I have ever made.
The good news is my children are now married and no worse for the wear. We got to spend a few hours together and thats what counts. Hopefully when my daughter-in-love looks back on this day, this picture is what she will will never forget it either!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The tease...unveiled

I got an email from Miss Debbie and now that I know she got her's I will show you all mine...since I don't like to just tease you all!!! (thank you Miss Debbie for all the wonderful compliments!) This is my first attempt at an ATC...finally something came out close to what I had in my it does look a little science experiment or something from my basement...just my little Deormo.....(the name is Debbies orange moth with just the first 2 letters from each clever am I?) to do that basket now!

Lookie what my mailman brought!

This is the awesome ATC I got in the mail from my partner Miss Debbie! Thank you so much ...this is the first in my collection of what I hope will be many many more. Miss Debbie and her friend Miss Wendy created a blog where you can join and swap these little beauties with others. This month they decided the theme was to be orange. Which I have to admit was a challenge for me...I don't usually fool with the color orange until it's Halloween. An artist trading card (ATC for short) is also a small surface to work within...they are the size of a regular playing card (2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch) my problem was how much is tooooo much and how little is tooo sparse. I hope Miss Debbie is happy with hers and as soon as I get confirmation from her I will post a pic of the one I made for her.

Can you all keep a secret???? I swear I can't keep a secret this big...I am so proud of my first ATC I will show you a small tease...but you all have to keep it to yourselves!!!!...No Peeking Miss Debbie! Honestly I didn't try to blur her but it's probably a good thing it did come out that way...I don't want to spoil the surprise for Debbie. Miss Debbie is an amazing lady and I highly suggest you go visit her...I love her altered bottles...they are the coolest thing I have ever seen. Run on over and tell her I said not to peek over here.....
If you want to join us in the fun of creating and collecting then join us over at the blog of theres still plenty of time to get in on September's swap...the theme is to go put my thinkin cap on for that!
I will be going this weekend to my oldest son's wedding in Pa. I was so hoping all my children and grands could be there but it's just not in the cards. It will be strange seeing him get married again. We had hoped his last marriage would have been his only one...we loved his ex so much. But, times change and people change and I guess they just grew apart. So I better run and get my granddaughters flower basket made for her and get things ready. Even getting this early a start on things...I am bound to forget something.... have fun...and enjoy each day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaping out to the great unknown....

What is it??? No it's not some childhood science experiment gone horribly wrong. Not something the cat drug in...nor nothing that lurked up from the bowels of my forsaken basement...although I do think this has a sister down there!

I decided to take the plunge and join the big girls and make an ATC! This is all I can show you for now as my partner has not gotten it nor is it finished yet. I love the fact I can do these quickly, I think the planning stage takes longer than the actual "doing it" does. This is my first attempt at this new world of artist trading cards. Makes me feel all grown up and stuff! It's a huge plus for my attention span...which honestly has been all over the place this summer. Maybe it has to grow up too. While searching out lost hobbies and new ones to attempt I have just lost focus of everything. Whats that old saying...Jill of all trades...master of none???

What started this journey was an absolute beautiful spirit and her blog named Simply Debbie at ..I love her blog and so admire the courage she must face knowing her gorgeous daughter Amy graduated to heaven as she calls it. Having a daughter she pulls at my heart strings with her loss. Miss Debbie decided to try this ATC thing and so she lured me into it's web with tales of how easy it is and a link to a blog that devotes itself to partnering people who would like to trade these small treasures. You can find this blog at ...the ladies running it will sure make you feel at home. The art work created on these little ATC's is amazing to me. Every month they set up a theme which is good for me...having to pick a theme on my own sure would have made me bolt for the door. Toooo many options is not a good thing for me.
So off into the unknown I jumped and the result is above...I am so hoping it will turn out as it is in my head and that my partner over looks my newbie mistakes. Wow I hope it don't remind her of what could possibly be in her basement!!!!! I will be back when I am sure my partner has this little treasure in her hands to introduce her and the rest of this project. She sure has put me at ease with my first timer status! I can't wait to introduce you to her blog...she is sooo talented...but for now you must wait...just send me some good ju-ju and positive thoughts that this does not turn out like some failed science experiment!!! Have a great week all! Try to stay cool...we are suppost to have another hot one...where is fall??????

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The only cat not fighting

I was being nice....feeding a homeless cat...pausing to pet it's head and bam!!!!! This is a case of biting the hand that feeds you! It took no mercy...and today my hand is tender...hopefully from just the bites and not anything more serious. Sure wished my neighbor would keep her attack cat home. With dog days here I sure am watching this hoping you all are having a better week than I am!