Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaping out to the great unknown....

What is it??? No it's not some childhood science experiment gone horribly wrong. Not something the cat drug in...nor nothing that lurked up from the bowels of my forsaken basement...although I do think this has a sister down there!

I decided to take the plunge and join the big girls and make an ATC! This is all I can show you for now as my partner has not gotten it nor is it finished yet. I love the fact I can do these quickly, I think the planning stage takes longer than the actual "doing it" does. This is my first attempt at this new world of artist trading cards. Makes me feel all grown up and stuff! It's a huge plus for my attention span...which honestly has been all over the place this summer. Maybe it has to grow up too. While searching out lost hobbies and new ones to attempt I have just lost focus of everything. Whats that old saying...Jill of all trades...master of none???

What started this journey was an absolute beautiful spirit and her blog named Simply Debbie at ..I love her blog and so admire the courage she must face knowing her gorgeous daughter Amy graduated to heaven as she calls it. Having a daughter she pulls at my heart strings with her loss. Miss Debbie decided to try this ATC thing and so she lured me into it's web with tales of how easy it is and a link to a blog that devotes itself to partnering people who would like to trade these small treasures. You can find this blog at ...the ladies running it will sure make you feel at home. The art work created on these little ATC's is amazing to me. Every month they set up a theme which is good for me...having to pick a theme on my own sure would have made me bolt for the door. Toooo many options is not a good thing for me.
So off into the unknown I jumped and the result is above...I am so hoping it will turn out as it is in my head and that my partner over looks my newbie mistakes. Wow I hope it don't remind her of what could possibly be in her basement!!!!! I will be back when I am sure my partner has this little treasure in her hands to introduce her and the rest of this project. She sure has put me at ease with my first timer status! I can't wait to introduce you to her blog...she is sooo talented...but for now you must wait...just send me some good ju-ju and positive thoughts that this does not turn out like some failed science experiment!!! Have a great week all! Try to stay cool...we are suppost to have another hot one...where is fall??????


  1. This is the first time I will not apologize for my poor picture taking!!!! lol A girl has to have some mystery.......

  2. What an interesting ATC! I LOVE IT! You just want to keep looking at and decide what it is. It does look like a science experiment or a sun spot or .... Great Job.

  3. lol miss debbie...leave it to me to make soemthing that looks like a science experiment!!! Hopefully when it's done it will look better!

  4. Que sera......?
    Estoy impaciente por que des mas informacion.
    besitos ascension

  5. This is awesome!!! I do love your blog too. It looks so clean and professional.
    I feel like I am back. Thanks for all of your love and healing energy.

  6. At first glance I thought it was an overhead shot of looking at people standing on a platform. hum.....Do share when your finished!

  7. Okay, I am so out of the loop on this one. I am not sure I even now what an ATC is. Oh, I am so embarrassed! LOL

  8. Thank you for stopping by! What is an ATC? You know what else I see all the time is OOak, I don't know what that is either. I just finally asked someone what HP was and found out it was hand painted...Oh well good thing I can LOL at myself! I know what that is!


  9. Well I want to see the finished card !!! :))
    I'm visiting all the Blissfull ATC swappers and posting their links on the side of my blog so I can keep up with everyone.
    Hope your hand heals quickly...sorry that the kitty bit the hand feeding it.