Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't miss him......much

I wanted a second post to follow up about loosing my buddy Max. I wanted it to be light-hearted and thankful for all your comments and support. I wanted to dry your all's tears and comfort all of you that have lost pets and then I read Miss Lori's story. All the tears I thought I wouldn't shed came pouring out. You see, Miss Lori WAS attacked by a pitbull. She went thru the scare and the pain and surgeries from the attack. You may think you know the outcome of this story...that Miss Lori is now a huge protester in owning pitbulls...but NO...this loving soul comforted has things that will never be the way it was and she is comforting me? How do you thank a person such as this? What do you say? Why is it that I can post something like this on here and gain the support and loving comments that family members can't give me? And what on earth do you say to a person that has been thru that kind of trauma and is telling her story so that there is no hard feelings but maybe a better insight to this breed? A simple thank you for sharing seems so inadequate. I keep telling myself I don't miss him...that he is better off...he's not suffering anymore...the usual things you tell yourself to keep the pain at bay. I don't miss him...well when I went to give him a treat last night and suddenly remembered he's not there I did. Or at the grocery store when I seen his brand of dog food I did, or at feed time or water time I did. Or when Jack went to the back yard this morning and Max didn't say his usual good morning to him I did. I did a good job at keeping it together until that happened...poor Jack...he's only gonna be 2 years old next month and when he seen me crying he came over and gave me the biggest hug and wiped my tears. Babies and dogs...thank goodness we have such things in our lives. And thank goodness for gentle forgiving souls such as Miss Lori. Max changed me in some ways by being in my life for 14 years...but you all have changed it in other ways...hopefully for longer than the next 14 years. So to all of us that have lost a pet...a friend of the furry kind...those that have been needlessly hurt by one...let us rejoice that such creatures exist to make our lives more enjoyable...and pray for those who don't know how to treat them to get the love and loyalty we are all so blessed to know. For those who didn't see Miss Lori's's a link to it What a lady...what a talent and now my friend!


  1. Oh Beth I am so sorry for your hurting heart. Losing a pet is very hard. Give your self time. 14 years is a very long time.
    I love pit bulls that are raised by nice people. They are the most loving and loyal dogs I have ever met.
    And those raised by the wrong people are just not right.
    Blessings all over you.
    Holding your heart in my loving arms.

  2. It gets better. It really does. Pretty soon you will remember all the neat times. But, sorry to say, it still hurts..just duller.

    We all support you. When you need a hug, let us know. Until then, remember we all love you.
    xx, Carol

  3. I wrote some stuff, but you know I really just want to give you a hug and tell you I understand.

  4. Beth I am so happy that you now consider Lori you friend. She is the best a person can have. After 10 years of loosing our Labs I still turn and see them. Or call Mya by the other dogs names. We will always miss our pets. It is OK. They bring a wonder of love and happiness to us.
    Big Hugs my dear friend.

  5. Oh dear, It seems so many blog friends have lost there beloved pets recently. My son adopted a pit mix from the pound, oh is she a sweet heart! My son recently moved to DC and was having a terrible time getting and apartment because no one wanted to rent to someone with a pit mix. He went to the vest and she had sympathy on him and wrote up papers that it was a boston terrier mix ( A little big for a boston terrier) and that worked! He got an apartment. I love that dog and I am so sorry that you have lost your sweet baby!