Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The wedding that almost wasn't

This is the happy couple....afterwards. We had to travel what should have been a 3 hour drive...tops...it turned into a 6 hour drive with the Mother of the Groom late.......reallllllly late. Needless to say the flower basket I worked so hard on was for nothing as I got there so late my grand daughter had to use another one. I was suppost to light my part of the unity candle...oppps that didn't happen either. We had to sneak in and sit at the back as to not interupt the ceremony which was well under way. But we got there...then off to the reception...where I became ill and had to leave early. (heat and humidity do not mix well with a strobe light on a disco ball for me...trust me...don't ask!!!) The motel we stayed in I am sure is ran by Norman Bates..or his mother...and trust me I did a real good check for bed bugs! So we left early the next morning to come home. I have to admit this is the MOST horrible trip I have ever made.
The good news is my children are now married and no worse for the wear. We got to spend a few hours together and thats what counts. Hopefully when my daughter-in-love looks back on this day, this picture is what she will remember...me...I will never forget it either!


  1. Hi Sis, gosh Honey they looked so wonderful! This picture reminds me of one that should be in a magazine! It's such a shame that you's had gotten lost and got to the wedding late. But you know what they say...better late then never! Your poor flower basket though.

    My Congrats to Ted and Melody on a lifetime of love and happiness mixed with some patience, lots of trust and friendship!

    Hey Sis...why didn't you post that really nice picture of them with you??? That was a nice picture of you, well of them to. lol Okie dokie I better go before I get myself in trouble. Hope you're resting well, night-night.
    Hugs and much love...

  2. What a beautiful couple ! What a time you had...I can only imagine how frustrating it had to be for you. I'm happy you did get there even if it was late.

  3. What a beautiful couple! Sorry to hear the whole trip was horrible and you got sick on top of that. The important thing to keep in mind is the long range--hopefully you will have lots of time together.