Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have been busy!

You all know I am famous for really bad pictures....but these are the cabs that will be on their way to Miss Bobbi's house tomorrow. The mardi gras masked lady is really done in purples and the man in the moon done in blues. Run on over and tell Miss Bobbi Congrats...she is a MamMaw again today. Little Miss Sophia Breeze is such a cutie. You can visit Miss Bobbi by going to her blog at

This is how much I got done on Miss Rieleys purse this week...not much..but I tell ya...I'm not a fan of fill in work. My hat is off to those of you that do those beautiful pieces with a lot of fill in but I am not a fan of it!
My last piece of news has to do with this wonderful transfer I found recently. When I was small my grandmother would make the most wonderful pillow cases. She would embroider these gorgeous ladies..some times make lil pieces of material into their hoop skirts making this the hem on the case. Other times she would leave it as is and then crochet a beautiful boarder around the case. I told you all earlier I am a closet girlie-girl. I'm thinking once I make these for my bed...I won't be in the closet anymore. Ironically while finding this beautiful belle with the dogwood above her head...I looked around my bedroom and found I must collect things in sets. I have a dogwood quilt and a ceramic cookie jar shaped like a purse with dogwood on it. I plan to embroider this gorgeous lady onto white eyelet pillow shams I already have that are plain on the front. Then boy oh boy...I'm gonna enter that blog that shows all that pinkness on a Saturday! My pink belles with their dogwood can strut with the rest of the pink girls! For those of you that are interested I found a blog ran by such a generous lady that puts posts out there for us to enjoy all the old-timey Sunbonnet Sues. Funny I never knew the name of these girls til I visited her blog. You can find her here and here is the scan of my Sunbonnet Sue.
If you do choose to use her ...please send me pictures!!! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi Beth...
    I see you got it done...yayyyyy girl !!!!! I knew you could do it.She's a beautiful Colonial Girl.. and thank you so much for posting her. She's one I've not seen before,and I love the idea you have of putting her on an eyelet trimmed pillowcase. Oh my!!! I can just see her,embroidered and with a ruffled edge. She would be gorgeous.
    Thanks for that ever so sweet mention of my blog..I appreciate it. I love the work you're doing with the cabs,they're quite beautiful. I tried to see the clay "Let Them Eat Cake" on your sidebar..I know they are so cute.
    I look forward to visiting again..I've become a follower so I won't miss any of your pretty work.
    Hope to see you soon on Pink Saturday..Beverly is just the sweetest lady are the rest of the Pink Ladies. You'll have so much fun.
    I sure didn't mean to write a book here.. :), but it appears that I have.
    I'm going to do a short post and link back to your Colonial Girl...I know lots of people would like to use her..and maybe we can get you some more traffic. If I can help with anything,just let me know..xxxx CC

  2. Hi Beth, Oh Wow, everything is wonderful. I love the cabs and the Colonial Girl is fabulous. She will be beautiful on the pillowcases. You will rally enjoy Pink Saturday. I am not a participant, but I should be!!

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Always so great to see you my friend. Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. Hi Beth! Found your blog through laceribbons@roses amd I just love the colonial lady. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Que maravilla de trabajo!!
    Me encantara ver donde va a esa dama!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. The purse is coming along so nicely--I see you have to have a lot of patience to do all that filling in! The cabs are beautiful!

  6. Hi Sis, I loveeeeee the cabs! They're awesome and I can't wait to get them in the mail! You're so talented and I can't help but to love your work! Always remember I knew you when...Here's me doing the "Happy Dance" lol.
    Thanks for letting everyone know about lil Sofia or better known to you as Olivia. lol That's something that we'll laugh at for many years to come.
    Wow, those ladies are really nice Sis! I can't wait to see them finished and I'll bet they'll look great on your bed all done up! But where's mine???
    Hope you have a great day. I'll talk to you in just a few minutes.
    Hugs and much love...

  7. Hi me again, whoooooooooopssss I forgot to tell you I love lil Rieley's purse sweetie! It's coming out beautiful!
    Hugs and much love...

  8. Those cabs look gorgeous! An that attern is just beauifu. I have several of my Great Grandma's embroidered pillow cases that are very similar to this design and I treasure them!

  9. I have copied the image of the gorgeous lady here and i just might use here one of these days!

    keep checking back on my blog...ya never know!!!

    thanks so very much for sharing this!
    it is inspirational!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Thanks for the lovely lady!
    (Came to visit from lacenribbonroses)
    Juno's Place
    Cards by Carol