Saturday, June 19, 2010

Almost forgotten

I'm not sure how many of you know but we moved into my mothers house last year after she passed away. After living 33 years in my own home needless to say it was a long job. My mother grew up in the depression era and so had the mindset of "putting up for good" She and my Granny stock piled things that they never used for everyday. Gifts have been found still in wrapped boxes because they didn't want to use the pretties just on themselves. My Momma went to a great expense before she married my Daddy to buy a set of china and real silverware from what they called 'drummers" back then. Sadly she never ate off of those dishes nor the silver before she passed. About 15 years ago one of my Mommas friends went to Mexico and brought Momma back this tea set...or maybe its a coffee set...I'm not sure of its purpose...I only know it was found today a box she had put back for good. I knew it existed but after all these years have not given it a thought. The poor little thing begged to be released from its paper wrappings and put out to here it now lives on the buffet (at least til Christmas and it has to go back for the village) There are no markings on it and I'm sure my family will never use it but its out and shining for "good" Have a wonderful weekend...big hugs to you all!


  1. What treasures you have! That is a beautiful tea set. I am so sorry your own mother did not use any of these beautiful things.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Anne

  2. Hi Beth, What a gorgeous tea set and is so happy to be seen and loved on display. I know this story too well. My mother and grandma were the same way. I think it is the depression mentality where they kept everything for good. When my grandma passed away, she had beautiful things put away and nightgowns for good,like it they went to the hospital. My goodness!! she passed away and the good nightgowns never worn. Mom did the same too, but not as much. I tell ya I think it the era they lived in when everything you obtained was very special. I think it wonderful that you now can change that and enjoy those special treasures. I know I am too.

    Thank you for stopping by sweet friend. You kind comments are so encouraging.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. what a pretty set! i'm so glad you have put it out for show. it begs to be seen and admired. thanks for the story about your momma me a glimpse into what kind of woman she was.

  4. Hi dear Beth...
    I almost cried,because my sweet mother was like that too. They saved it for best, and that never came..and then they saved it for us,their daughters to pass something on to us. Strong women that survived the depression were like that..wonderful women,strong women.
    The set is gorgeous, no matter whether it's tea of coffee. I think your mother would like it,the way you're sharing it with us.
    *,I'm so homesick for my mama that's been gone these many years...I hope you share a tea or coffee with this set with a daughter or daughter in love....and what's wrong with sharing a coffee with a son and this beautiful set. Just use it dear Beth..give it some sweet memories to pass on.

  5. O my gosh! This was the same with my mom and I learned how to save for good too! I often wonder WHY I do that. Funny.

  6. Hi Girlfriend,
    I hope you have a special day as well with or thinking of your dear Father. Thanks for stopping by today. I'm still aweing over that gorgeous tea set. Enjoy.
    Big Hugs and Blessings, Celestina Marie

  7. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing a bit about your Mom & this lovely tea/coffee set! Many in my family also saved the pretties, never using them--maybe they were saving them to be enjoyed by future generations!

  8. Hi Beth
    Wonderful to meet you! I'm envious you were able to move into Mom's home! Had my sweet family home been bigger when Mom passed, I would have moved in! I think many of the Depression Era did the same, my grandmother had, but not my Mom. I'll add you to my sidebar so we can visit each other again! Good luck and don't forget to enter as often as you like. Lori

  9. Oh Beth!

    that set is absolutely gorgeous!! what a find tucked away! I hope you use it regularly! Pretty things like this deserve to be used and shown off!

  10. What a gorgeous set! It needs to be set out and used. After all it doesn't matter how special it is if it is never allowed to achieve its purpose.