Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Am I crazy to show you this?

Here sits my UFO pile....oh trust me there are a lot more but these are the ones that are pressing right now. In no particular order...theres the mailing to Miss Bobbi http://bobbianncook.blogspot.com/ to send off some cabs to her. Next to that under the 2 blue fat quarters complete with my handy-dandy drawing behind it is the mermaid project. There are the 2 pillow shams with the colonial lady transfer awaiting to be embroidered.
Front and center is Miss Rieley's purse oh thats got to take top place of importance...my grand-daughters birthday gift! And last but not least is a cute lil project I found where they take one of these shoes and add ribbon roses to it and make a pin cushion in the top opening.
There are of course painted lady cabs that need to be painted...but they did not want to share the spotlight with what they thought were " the other time wasters" (they are so uppity some times..looking down their lil clay noses at other crafts)
So there you have it...this and a house to clean, dishes to do, dinners to cook and a 21 month old lil guy who thinks he is the ultimate and only time waster...this is my life! I so imagine you all going on your sweet way after you post to a clean house...ironed clothing...lace and pearls...no doubt...just relaxing sipping sweet tea while your chores and crafting automatically and magically gets done for you. If this is not true...please don't tell me...I gotta have some dreams!!!
So this is my to-do picture...hope you all enjoyed my chaos! Sending you all big hugs...just some tired ones!


  1. Ha! You oughta see mine!! We all never have enough time to do all we want to. My husband is always saying he wants me to quit work. But honestly, I worry that something would happen to his health and I would not want to be looking for a job again at 58+.

    So, Beth, you'll just have to keep plugging along like the rest of us ~lol~

    have a productive day,

  2. Ooooooo,let's see. In mine little dream world,I have maids, a chef, a driver...and a someone to do all the others don't do.
    Meanwhile,back to reality...I work full time in my little grocery store,have taken college classes, helped raise 2 of my 4 grandchildren, baked,cooked,washed,ironed...and one day I stopped in mine little tracks and said..slow this wagon down..and so I did. :). But now,it's thrifting,crafting and blogging..along with working...and all the other. I say all this to let you know,that my house is not in order..lol. My husband says if the stacks of unfinished work ever falls on me, he will collect my insurance. The good news is..I have fun. Whether at work with my husband,
    or enticing him to help with my crafts, we have great fun and laugh together. Though,He does tell me, will you pleassssssssssseeeee move those embroidery patterns? :). You gotta love crafting...
    I can't wait to see you get to work on the embroidered lady. She's going to be so super gorgeous..And I love those beautiful cabs.....
    Sorry..I didn't mean to write a book..it's just,you're ever so much fun..

  3. Hi Sis, I can't wait to get those gorgeous cabs in the mail! Your work is outstanding! Those pillow shams with the ladies are going to look great! Rieley's purse has turned out so awesome so far Sis, I just love it! Oh...the shoe...I can't wait! lol
    Hugs and much love...