Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

My babies left yesterday. The house seems lonely without them even though they were only here a blink of an eye. Miss Belle stole our hearts. I am so proud of my son for being who and what he is and understand I would not want him to be a fireman here in our city but just wished he lived closer. It's so hard watching your grandbabies grow up in pictures. Jack-bear was trying to kiss Miss Belle in the picture above...they move so quickly so sorry it is blurry! Well I have tons of laundry to do and it's probably gonna be another hot humid sticky day here...don't get me wrong...I still remember cold freezing snowy days so I am not complaining. Is there anywhere in America that just has cool sunny year-round days????? If you live there...let me know...I am a speed packer!!! Hope you all are doing well, keeping cool and creating beautiful things I can come and see! Time for me to get back to creating...just hit a block and trying to find a way around it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend while I go smell Miss Belles blankies and remember the sweet baby kisses of a precious little girl.


  1. Tienes unos nietos preciosos!!!!
    Como se les quiere!!!!
    Yo tengo uno de 2 años y es un amor de niño, me tiene loca.
    Es una pena que los tuyos vivan lejos.
    besitos ascension

  2. Nothing like those babies, is there!! I know I enjoy and love mine like no other. Nice to have the pics and blog posts to remember!

  3. My son just moved from Orlando to DC he left on Saturday, it has to do with a girl and love. My mind is already fast forwarding to grandbabies and how they will be out of town. My son and his dog stayed with me for 3 weeks before the move and I miss him and my granddog!...So, I get it...quiet! Thank you for your kind comments and sharing in my publishing joy!!