Monday, March 14, 2011

A fond farewell

Such a big news day for me! First off I made my first sale on artfire...yippppeeee me. The way I was dancing around this morning I think my 2 year old grandson thought his Mamaw had finally lost it!!! lol He didn't know why but he shared my excitement and jumped with me.

Here's what I sold....I must say a fond farewell to Miss Attic Annie, but I know she is going to a loving home.....Thank you Miss Lynn for purchasing her...can't wait to see what you do with her. I am always so amazed when I see these cabs in another artists work...I am proud and humbled at the same time. You can find Miss Lynn's beautiful beading at I am just in awe every time I see her work.

I must also thank you all for posting my artfire account on your blogs and on facebook. I knew the blogging community was a tight knit group and your support has really touched me. Please give yourselves a huge hug from me! I only wished I could see each one of you in person to do it myself.

And out of this experiance has come a really cool idea...a lady wants me to paint cabs like the rock group fun is that??? Of course it sent my mind reeling and I heard this morning that Alice Cooper was being inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame which is here in our city. Hmmm maybe a set of "Tributes to Rockers" cabs is next! lol. What a selling of my rocker cabs with the rock hall in the background!!! lol Hey a girl can dream! Ok I am out of here to play with clay. Have a great evening all and of course...and I really mean this...sending you all big hugs!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm such a biggie girl now!

Can you believe it...I finally have an Artfire account!!! and as soon as I can figure this all out I will give you a direct link to it but for now if you want to visit...look me up...BellesandbeausCrafts. I feel so grown up now!
Also while on facebook tonight I learned I won a give away from a lady I so admire. Talk about doin a happy dance!!!! 3 cute silver wrapped bunnies that are photo holders. If you get a chance go visit my new friend, She has awesome ideas for little money to decorate your home.
So as you can see this was a big day for me and now I must bid you good night! Big hugs to you all

A couple UFO's

I have had this experiment in my brain for some time now. I happened across some glitter that is so fine grain and irredesent that I could not pass it up. Then it sat on the shelf for who knows how long! lol. I also purchased some translucent clay and wondered how to go about making a cab that looked marbled with it. So I combined both to make this cab. I am not too pleased with the painting but i love the marbled effect and the glitter stayed glitzy after the clear coat so experiment was a huge success as far as I was concerned! The bugs in my head that come up with these crazy things are now happy! Shhh as to not wake them...who am I kidding they are on the forty yard line coming up with more for me to do I know! I was so proud of myself yesterday...I got so much done and did this and got another ufo completed as well.

The bugs are steady working on another idea but that I will reveil in time...lets just say it involves all of you! Scarey isn't it? I promise this idea won't hurt as much as my dental experiance.

I finally finished my first attempt at crazy quilting and I am hooked but other things are pressing me more. My mental list has grown so much I now have a hand written list to back it up...but there is some satisfaction in checking things off as I get them done. Well I am off to see what the bugs and I can get into today. Have a blessed Sunday. And as always sending you all huge hugs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A blueberry morning

Well...where to start....when we last seen our heroine she was complaining on life getting in the way...little did she know bigger and worse things were to come! Funny how pain that starts in the night feels so much worse...maybe it's our sub-fear of all terrible things happen in the darken corners or maybe it's just knowing there are hours to feel this way til the doctor is even up. That helpless feeling that knocks you down and tramples you into bits begging for mercy from any source. Yes this big baby had a toothache! Mind you I have had 4 pretty good sized babies...all natural, a couple of surgeries..nothing major but this toothache brought me to my knees! How can 1 itty-bitty tooth cause so much stinkin pain? And in so many different places...Lord even my eyelashes hurt! But that could not compare to the feeling of utter shock when I got my dental bill! Having no insurance in this country is the pits! In looking for any dentist that would see me on such short notice, with no insurance and no primary care dentist is like finding the needle in the haystack. But, I did happen upon one. I was loving life that the first exam and x-rays were free...yes I did say free. So off I and my painful tooth on a cold rainy day to see the man who if he is giving me a freebie can't possibly charge too much for what I want done....the doctor was very nice and the x-rays went without too much pain. He and I agreed on a course of action but I needed antibiotics before he would start. He then tells me to go see the office manager to discuss the financial details. Still feeling confident I strolled into this office and sat before a young man that had organized bunches of papers before him. Now I have bought a home and new car in my time and I swear there was more paper work this time than those times! Young man tells me there are 2 courses of actions to be taken and this stack is for having extractions being put to sleep (always my favorite) and this stack is for just the Novocaine. I never knew what "sticker shock" was til I looked down and I am not ashamed to tell you that one price was $11,000.00 and the other was $9,000.00. All I could say to this young man was "guess what I'm not being buried with" He of course was insulted..that I would not just jump for joy at those prices and give him praise beyond the heavens for saving me!!! Needless to say I walked out with my antibiotic prescription and did not look back...not even for a moment! So I have spent the rest of the week in pain and taking these pills that make me know once their gone I'm really gonna have to go back to square one and find a dentist. But for today...I am pain-free!!! AND hungry!!!! All my errands and big plans for the week were shot down by 1 lil tooth and now its catch up chores galore and I am going to get that ETSY shop this weekend no matter what!!!!! lol To start this day off right...I baked a small batch of blueberry muffins...all is right in my world munching on their golden there you have it...warts and week in the darken corner of pain. Hoping your week was so much better!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Life gets in the's my life....what has happened to my life... life is what happens when you make plans...and so many more quotes on life. From spinning out of control to One single word denotes and evokes so many ideas and feelings. It is often used as an excuse...which is what my post is about today. Right now I think I fall under the category of " life is what happens when you make plans" so many things planned for this past weekend and now I can honestly say I need a weekend to get over my weekend!
My ETSY plans got shelved for one but only for a few days. No me more time to get organized and create more things. But none the less disappointing that it didn't get done. Then a huge free favor for a friend put Saturday in whirlwind of things. She needed a Sponge bob blanket for her 3 yr old birthday. I super hate disappointing kids so 3 hours later Nate had his blanket done...not my best work but my best work under pressure! lol At least she didn't ask me to make the cake!
Sunday of course is catch up day on cooking, cleaning and I really should have gone to church but by the time I got done with everything and dinner done it was wayyy past time to go.
I so need a time management skills coach. My 15 minute cleaning routine is down the drain and today I am just so disgusted that nothing got done I am a party pooper! Such is life! lol Oh well tomorrow holds the promise of a new day and new adventures so I am off to plot it out secretly so no one knows what's in store...maybe then life won't pass me by!!!! Big hugs to you all

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here are the pretty painted ladies. All of these have been spoken for but if you would like a painted lady of your own....big event..... I am proud to say I will be opening an Etsy store this weekend!!! Taadahhh...that's my first big news. The next big news is that I have all kinds of wonderful ideas swirling in my brain...keeping me up late at night. I just keep seeing more painted ladies in my head when I close my eyes! Set's of them, singles and doubles...oh my! Tonight will be an early night for me though...poor brain is on over load and we fear she may xplode captin!
I do have more wonderful news to share but it will take a few days to work out all the bugs...nasty bugs! Details are a wonderful thing til they take over. But I's worth the wait.
In the mean time, I need to catch up with some of you to see what you have been up to. Have a great day and sending you all big hugs!